Ignorant Bond

January 4, 2018 2018年1月4日

“There are no flowers that always bloom and there are no flowers that die without blooming.”

Ignorant Bond is a photo series that reimagines the expected functions of everyday objects. Created by Thai artist Naraphat Sakarthornsap, the project uses floral arrangements to give new visuals to the gentle breeze of an electric fan, the flames of a gas stove, the intangible wait of an expected phone call, and more. By using colorful flowers as a narration device, the series paints these inanimate objects in a new light, revealing how there’s beauty to be found even in the mundanities of life. “Arranging various species of flowers with these objects and places allows me to fully immerse myself in these surroundings that are often neglected,” Sakarthornsap says.


这个系列是Naraphat Sakarthornsap创作的摄影项目《Ignorant Bond》,不同颜色的鲜花连接起了日常物件:电扇与微风、燃气灶和烈火、电话与漫长的等待,花朵成为了图像叙事的主角,创造出某种诗意的对话,来表达物与物之间语焉不详的浪漫。“我把各种各样的鲜花放置到这些物体和场景中去,这让我再次沉浸到那些已被忽略的环境中去了。”Naraphat说。

Ignorant Bond was conceived during a stressful period in Sakarthornsap’s life, and this playful photo series helped him gain a newfound appreciation for the ordinary objects and places of his everyday life. “I just wanted to give myself a break from artwork creation that is full of stress and go back in time to when I created art for art’s sake without any social interferences.”


But one might wonder, why flowers? The answers to these questions can be traced back to Sakarthornsap’s childhood, which is when his passion for flowers began. Having long been infatuated with their outward beauty, the flowers in his photos have become much more than props for achieving his artistic vision—he describes his relationship with flowers as a bond, adding, “Flowers are just a different version of me. They allow me to learn more about myself.”

“If you ask me which type of flower best represents me, I’d say gardenias,” he says. “For each species of gardenia, they have their own different, beautiful shapes. They’re typically white in color, yet not completely so. Their fragrance is also hard to forget. And although the petals wither easily, the leaves last surprisingly long. It’s just like me. I might experience moments of weakness in my life, but I always have a solid root.”



Aside from seeing flowers as a powerful tool for coping with stress, Sakarthornsap goes as far as to say they’ve been a beacon of light in dark times in his life. “Most of my artworks are created as therapy for negative feelings that have been rooted in my mind for a while and are hard to get rid of,” he explains. “I was born in a Thai culture which has social diversity, and I’ve learned about different cultural values through family and school. But still, people do not respect each other’s identity and always discriminate, generalizing others into groups, which causes pain and negative feelings. People who do that might think it is fun, but it might cause an inferiority complex to those who have suffered through it.”


Sakarthornsap considers himself rather fortunate. He’s not only discovered an emotional outlet through art but has also been able to integrate his love of flower into his artworks. “What I want to tell everybody through my art is that we cannot be happy with everything in life, as everything that happens in our lives is based on social interference or culture that’s been well established and can’t be easily changed,” he says. “The only thing we can do is to learn how to understand it and find a way to live with it peacefully with the least impact on yourself and everyone else. Even though art cannot completely save me, it has effectively healed me.”


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