Performing Sculpture

December 19, 2016 2016年12月19日

Widely regarded as one of the most innovative artists of the 20th century, Alexander Calder’s creations modernized and reimagined the possibilities of sculptural art. Transcending time and mediums, his lasting influence is still evident today. Performing Sculpture, a playful photo series that pays homage to the iconic American artist, debuted just last year on BROWNIE.

作为20世纪最具创意的艺术家之一,Alexander Calder的作品以现代化的风格重新演绎雕塑艺术的无限可能性。他作品的影响力跨越时间与媒介时至今日依然显而易见。《舞蹈的雕塑》是一组致敬 Alexander Calder 这位传奇美国艺术家的摄影作品系列,在去年首次发表于BROWNIE网站

Shot by Tan Yuxi, a Chongqing-born and Shanghai-based photographer who was inspired after seeing Calder’s exhibition at Tate Modern, Performing Sculpture is comprised of ten image pairings that consist of wires, disc-shaped props, and women in colorful one-piece swimsuits; it’s a whimsical reimagining of Calder’s creations. Beyond vaguely alluding to the nature of interpersonal connections between us as humans, Yuxi has left the narrative purposefully ambiguous and open to interpretation.

该系列创作者谭羽希是一名出生于重庆,现居上海的摄影师。《舞蹈的雕塑》是她在伦敦泰特现代美术馆(Tate Modern)看到Alexander Calder的展览后大受启发而创作的,她以线、唱片圆盘形状的道具及身穿连体泳衣的女性为元素创作出10组摄影作品,以异想天开的风格对Alexander Calder的雕塑作品进行创新构思。除了隐晦地影射人际关系本质,谭羽希故意模糊作品要表达的想法,而让观众自己来定义作品背后的意义。

“When someone looks at this series, they can extract their own meanings out of it,” Yuxi says. “I feel like that’s the purpose of this project. It’s possible that some people won’t have any thoughts about it, but to me, them not finding any meaning in it is part of the work. So to that effect, I’m purposefully omitting what I want to express and the meaning behind it.”


Despite femininity and females being the main narrative-driving force behind this project, Yuxi considers Performing Sculpture to be a slight departure from some of her previous works. The main differentiating factor was the number of models involved in the shoot. Coordinating multiple subjects at once was a fairly new and challenging experiencing for Yuxi, a challenge that pushed her out of her comfort zone. But as with many other great artists, she regards all difficulties as invaluable learning experiences.


Similar to the masterful manner that Calder’s able to use sculptures to bring his creative vision to life, Yuxi’s talent lies in her ability to use photography and the female form as the vessel for her creative energy. “I enjoy shooting females,” she says. “Perhaps it’s because I find them to be endlessly interesting. I want to know what they’re thinking and why they do what they do.”

正如Alexander Calder 以巧妙绝伦的方式通过雕塑作品让自己的创意构思唤发蓬勃生命力,谭羽希的天赋也在于她能够让摄影和女性主体变成展现她的创作能量的载体。“我很喜欢拍女人,”她说道,“也许是因为对于我来说,女人更有趣。我想知道她们在想什么,她们为什么这样做。”

Prints from Tan Yuxi’s Performing Sculpture are now available from the BROWNIE online shop.




Contributors: David Yen, Banny Wang
Images Courtesy of BROWNIE



供稿人: David Yen, Banny Wang