Let Her Petals Go

February 18, 2016 2016年2月18日

Shadow Chen is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ningbo. She shares an equal passion for almost every form of visual art including traditional painting, digital art, and mixed media.

Shadow Chen是来自宁波的插画师、平面设计师,同时她对几乎所有视觉艺术形式都有着相等的热情,例如传统绘画、数码艺术和综合材料。Shadow的灵感来自她周遭事物、人和音乐。

Shadow’s inspiration comes from her surroundings, people and music and her style is distinctive – full of colors, often in liquid, psychedelic forms and sprinkled with Chinese traditional twists.



Trained as a product designer, Shadow has worked on projects ranging from magazine covers and apparel designs to wooden furniture designs.



  • Size: 38 cm x 59.5 cm (15″ x 23.5″)
  • Limited-edition of 100, exclusive to Neocha Shop
  • Certificate of Authenticity with artists’ personalized seal
  • Printed on Epson Matte Fine Art Paper

  • 尺寸: 38 cm x 59.5 cm (15″ x 23.5”)
  • 限量版数100,由EDGE商店独家贩售。
  • 带防伪证书以及艺术家本人封印
  • 印制纸张为爱普生磨砂精细艺术纸


Shadow Chen的《Let Her Petals Go》