Lin Yu Huan

February 15, 2016 2016年2月15日

Lin Yu Huan is a Taiwan-based photographer and visual artist that currently works as an interior designer. His work tends to gravitate towards people, spaces, and light; often using natural light to accentuate a particular emotion. He has received numerous awards in photography, including first place in the 2015 Paris PX3 Award with his photo series Stay Gold along with taking honorable mention through his Beyond The Horizon and Heaven’s Gonna Happen Now series.

林俞歡是一名台灣攝影師及視覺藝術家,現職為室内設計師。他的作品始終圍繞於人、空間和光線之間,並且喜用自然光去強調特殊情感。他在攝影上曾獲多個獎項,包括荣获法國巴黎PX3金獎的作品《Stay Gold》,並凭借《Beyond The Horizon》和《Heaven’s Gonna Happen Now》系列獲得法國巴黎PX3榮譽獎。

Working primarily with film, Yu Huan says he enjoys the inherent characteristics of film that others might consider to be flaws. “I don’t need to be in constant pursuit of perfection,” says Yu Huan. “The flaws are what makes film so special to me. It’s something that digital photography can’t completely replicate. A roll of film is an archive of my memories.” We recently talked to Yu Huan about his work and what inspires him.

主要使用菲林攝影的俞歡覺得菲林本身可包容缺陷。“我不會總是追求完美”,他說,“對我來說,有缺陷才是的獨特之處,這是數碼相機無法做到的。一卷菲林就是我記憶的存檔。” 近期我們和俞歡探討了他创作灵感的来源。

Neocha: What inspires you? Do you consider Taipei to be a source of inspiration for you?

Yu Huan: The ways I find inspiration can be very casual. I’m never locked in one place and I’m constantly looking and observing new things. To me, it doesn’t matter which city I’m in, but I love exploring on a bicycle. When I worked on book cover designs, I found inspiration in bookstores, and sometimes in the works of others. I would create new ideas by incorporating elements that originated from different sources of inspiration. London is a city that I have deep feelings towards, and I have many fond memories of it. The way that London inspires me is similar to the way that Taipei inspires me.

Neocha: 你的靈感來源是什麼?台北是不是你的靈感來源之一?

Yu Huan: 尋找靈感,可以很隨意。我並不特別鎖定某個場所,而是無時無刻觀察新的東西。無論在哪個城市,我都喜歡用單車探索城市。我在做書籍封面的工作時,我會去書店找靈感,有時透過其他的工作,而創造了其他新的想法融合。倫敦是一個讓我感受很深刻的城市,我保留對這座城市的記憶,在台北將那樣的生活狀態融入且包含在我的生活裡。

Neocha: The colorless images you created for your Beyond The Horizon series almost seem like alien landscapes. What was the inspiration behind that?

Yu Huan: The Beyond The Horizon series are photographs of huge seaside rock formations that’s been weathered over time. I stroll around the northeastern area of Taiwan on the weekends, this particular time I looked down and these rocks appeared under my  feet. When I look at something through my camera lens, it’s able to transform the things that appeared quite mundane at first into something completely new. For this particular series, I found the ratio of lines on the rocks and the way they split to be really intriguing. My camera often gives me a new perspective on things. Being able to view things through a different perspective is something that helps me immensely in my design work.

Neocha: 你的黑白作品《Beyond The Horizon》看上去很像外星地貌,你可以跟我們說說這個系列嗎?

Yu Huan:《Beyond The Horizon》系列是一些在海邊經過時間風化的大石頭,我週末常常會到台灣的東北角散步,那些石頭出現在我的腳下,我低著頭看著他們,我覺得看似普通的東西,透過相機用不一樣的角度去重組視角,常常會讓我有不一樣的視野,線條分割的比例很美麗,這對我在做平面設計時有有很大的幫助。

Neocha: Can you tell us a bit about your 2015 PX3 award-winning photo series Stay Gold?

Yu HuanMusic is a necessity in my life, it’s something that’s ever-present in every facet of my life. When I’m working, reading, traveling, music has been alongside me and has experienced so much with me. Music isn’t an accessory to me, it’s an important part of my life. Because of my familiarity with the atmosphere of the shows and the mood of the music, I don’t think about what I should capture next or to go after different angles. I tend to follow my emotions and it makes me a part of the environment. So when I saw these musicians live, heard their sounds and lyrics, all the emotions that resonated within me naturally transferred onto my photographs. I was able to capture these precise moments because I understood their passion and the joy that comes with doing something you love.

Neocha: 可否說說你贏得2015法國巴黎PX3的金獎作品《Stay Gold》中所捕捉到的畫面?

Yu Huan: 音樂之於我的生活與其說是必需品,反而已經像是習慣般跟隨著我每天每個時刻的作息。創作時、閱讀時、旅行時,不知不覺累積跟著我而產生了回憶,已經不像是附屬品一樣,而是存在於生活裡。因為對現場情緒與歌曲情境的熟稔,我並不會先思考與物色該拍下什麼畫面與抓取何種角度,而是由心情帶領我融入當下的情境。所以,當聽到這些旋律與歌詞透過樂手真實呈現在我眼前,套入耳裡時我的共鳴很自然的反應在畫面上,那些帶動情緒沸騰的氣氛我是因為瞭解那種熱愛感才可以精準的捕捉下來。
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Contributor: David Yen

Images Courtesy of W.J. & Lin Yu Huan

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