Mixed Lighting at Home 家里的光照比你想象的更适合拍照

July 3, 2019 2019年7月3日

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As the sun sets into the night and natural light becomes scarce, get creative with the artificial light sources available around you. Illuminate your scene by candlelight, a glow from your phone screen, or a beam from the open refrigerator door.

VSCO’s Artificial Light series is a preset pack that softens or boosts the effects of LED, fluorescent, or mixed lighting scenarios. Ideal for indoor, food, and night photography, AL1-AL6 can transform scenes with tricky lighting to appear either more natural or even supernatural.

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VSCO 的人造光系列滤镜包是一个适合用在 LED、荧光或混合照明环境下,以柔化或提高相片光照效果为主的整套滤镜。不论是室内、食品或夜间摄影,在这些不容易拍摄的光线下,AL-AL6 都能让你的照片看起来更自然——或者甚至超自然。

Combine Light Sources


Explore and experiment with unexpected forms of lighting in your own home. Get creative and pair different kinds of light together, such as the sun’s natural glow with a candle’s flame or the bold color of a lava lamp with a nightlight. The combinations and possibilities are limitless and can produce unique results.


Soften colors with AL5

AL5 柔光色

Multiple lighting sources can have a chaotic effect on colors in an image. Try creating harmony from the unique mixture of lighting sources with AL5.

多光源可能会对图像中的颜色产生混乱的影响。可以用 AL5 以和谐混合光源带来的纷乱感。

Boost colors with AL6

AL6 提亮色彩

Embrace the unexpected and striking look that results from a combination of multiple kinds of light. With AL6, play to the light’s strengths and emphasize bold color.

由多种光线组合会产生的意想不到、引人注目的图片效果,用 AL6 发挥光的力量、强调大胆的颜色吧。