How to Take Low-Key Shots 如何拍摄一张低调但奢华的照片

July 9, 2019 2019年7月9日

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Experimentation can help keep your photography practice fresh and lead to unexpected outcomes. In this tutorial, we explain a few ways you can make low-key images with subdued light and nuanced detail. Share what you create on VSCO.

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实验可以帮助你保持你的摄影练习新鲜感,并导致意想不到的结果。在本教程中,我们将说明一些方法,你可以让柔和的光线和微妙的细节使照片显得更低调。在 VSCO 分享你创造的作品吧。

Capturing low-key images


Image by dogsbff 图片来自 dogsbff

A low-key image can be achieved in most lighting conditions with the right methods. Seek out isolated subjects and any small glimpses of highlights. Emphasize any surrounding shadows for a quiet and intimate feel.


Set the exposure based on the brightest areas in the scene. When framing your photo, tap and drag downwards to set the focus and to control the amount of underexposure for that particular shot.


Editing for low-key shots

Exposure —
 One of the most common ways to make an image darker is done by reducing the exposure. If you shoot in RAW, you can manipulate an even greater deal of detail in your editing process.

Contrast — Depending on the desired outcome, adjust your contrast up or down incrementally. Lowering contrast evens out tones, while increasing contrast makes the difference in values greater, so dark tones get even darker.

Shadows — Try raising your shadows to bring some light back into the darker parts of the image, but not too much.


——最常见的使图像变暗的方法之一就是减少曝光。如果你用 RAW 拍摄,就可以在你的编辑过程操纵更多的细节。



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