Peaceable Kingdom 到她的画里来静一静

February 15, 2019 2019年2月15日
Roar of Thunder

Elicia Edijanto’s drawings evoke a tranquil realm undisturbed by the din of the outside world. In her work, a half-naked child lives peacefully with wild animals, setting out together on an epic journey.

在印尼艺术家 Elicia Edijanto 的画里,存在着一个不受外在喧嚣干扰的宁静世界。一个总是裸着上身的孩子,和许多野生动物在这里和平共处,在彼此的陪伴下共同踏上一段跋涉万里的旅途。

October's Tale

She works in watercolor and pencil, using an ink in varying concentrations that go from dense black to faint gray. The horizon stretches between heaven and the earth, and here life flourishes. In the real world, has such harmony among people, animals, and the world already vanished?

A lifelong Jakartan, Edijanto laments that her densely populated hometown leaves so little space for nature. “There’s very little room for green areas, parks, or decent beaches,” she says. “The longing to reunite with nature, perhaps, has influenced the themes of my paintings.”


从小在雅加达生活,Elicia 感叹这是一座人口稠密的城市,很可惜地它并没有留给自然太多空间。“绿地、公园或是像样的海滩都很少见了。也许正是这股与大自然重聚的渴望,塑造了我画作的主题。”

“My subjects are often children and animals, because both in their feelings and in their gestures, they’re honest, sincere, unprejudiced, and unpretentious,” she says. “They’re the perfect messengers for what I want to share. I want my art to celebrate hope and innocence. Amid the depressing, tiresome news piling on top of us every day, I’d like to remind us of innate human goodness and help us find consolation in nature.”


Watermelon by the River
Stars and Voyagers

Edijanto’s style has been powerfully influenced by traditional Japanese ink wash painting (sumi-e). What makes this age-old art form difficult is that it stresses revealing precise but subtle emotions in bold brushstrokes. The forces of motion and rest, embrace and surrender form a balance in their contrast, and neither can be too evident.

“The essence of sumi-e is its minimalism, its ability to capture the essence rather than the form. It teaches us to know what’s necessary and what can be left out,” she explains. “I’ve always tried to find a better formula to intensify the emotional meaning without filling the canvas with too many objects.”


“水墨画的精髓在于极简主义,一种捕捉事物本质而非耽溺于形式的能力。它教会了我在一幅画面中什么是必要留下、什么是可以舍弃的东西。” Elicia 说,“所以我一直在尝试找到一个更好的方案,能在不用太多物体去填充画布的前提下,同时表达出强烈的情感意义。”

Old Friend
Dust and Wind


Contributor: Yang Yixuan
English Translation: Allen Young

Instagram: @eliciaedijanto
Behance: ~/eliciaedijanto


供稿人: Yang Yixuan
中译英: Allen Young

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