Rala Choi’s Faceless Portraits 是画,还是照片?

March 16, 2017 2017年3月16日

Rala Choi is a Seoul-based photographer who’s best known for his use of rich, saturated colors. The colors and textures of his images often make viewers question whether they’re looking at a photograph or an oil painting. Beyond Choi’s bold use of colors, the unconventional manner in which he poses his subjects has become another trademark of his work: they’re often photographed with their eyes covered up or with their backs completely turned to the camera. Despite his unorthodox approach to shooting portraits, Choi is a purist, in terms of his resolve in using analog film over digital cameras. To him, post production taints the image; he believes that the crux of the creation process is the moment when the shutter button is pressed. Recently, Choi’s portraits of his long-time friend, the famous South Korean singer Zion. T, was published in Dazed Korea. Scroll down and check out more of Rala Choi’s work below.

Rala Choi是一位居住在首尔的韩国摄影师。在他的照片中,你常能看到鲜明的色彩组合,类似油画般的照片质感,他镜头下的人物总是含羞的背对镜头或遮起眼睛,这些标志性特征都使Choi的摄影作品辨识度极高。他喜欢用胶片为媒介来创作,原因是这样产出的照片更忠于按下快门的时刻,而不会受到后期的干扰。与其说是照片,Choi的作品更像是游走在绘画和摄影边界的艺术品。最近,他为好友韩国歌手Zion.T拍摄的系列照片,登上韩国版《Dazed&Confused》,也延续了他一贯的个人风格,下面跟我们一起来看看Rala Choi更多的作品吧。



Contributor: Ye Zi



供稿人: Ye Zi