From Karaoke to Stardom ✨卡拉 OK の迷恋✨

July 29, 2020 2020年7月29日

The best way to describe Bryn’s musical style is maximalist, karaoke-room rap with a dusting of pop sheen. The 21-year-old, Seoul born and raised artist sing-raps about love and relationships in autotune drenched hues, skipping through a medley of rhythms with bits of English lyrics sprinkled throughout.

Bryn 的音乐风格大概可以用 “极繁主义” 来形容 —— 卡拉 OK 风格说唱搭配天花乱坠的流行乐元素。这位二十一岁来自首尔的女生,擅长运用 Anto-Tune 调配恋爱与人际关系的颜色,在一系列旋转跳跃的旋律中穿插可爱的英文歌词。

Listen to some of our favorite tracks by Bryn:

试听 Bryn 的一些精选歌曲:

The karaoke influence is hard to miss. After all, it’s where she found her calling for rap. Bryn, whose given name is Choi Ran, used to hang out at videoke spots with her friends after class in middle school. “One day I picked out some K-hip hop song and started rapping. All of a sudden, my friends were encouraging me to really rap,” she recalls. “So I figured, sure; let’s give it a shot.”

不可否认,她的歌曲带有强烈的卡拉 OK 音乐元素,而 K 歌房也正是她开始迷恋说唱音乐的地方。Bryn 原名 Choi Ran,中学放学的时候,她常常和朋友一起去 K 歌房。她回忆道:“有次我点播了一些韩国嘻哈音乐跟着唱了起来,我的朋友听后都让我走说唱路线。我心想那不如试试看好了。”

Two years ago, Bryn finally felt comfortable with the songs she was creating for fun and started releasing them on Soundcloud. As people took notice, she landed a spot on Show Me The Money, the Korean rap competition TV show. Like much of Asia, reality TV plays a huge role in who makes it in the rap game in Korea. 

The show has been huge for Bryn, allowing her to gain a larger audience while still retaining an experimental edge. Fans follow her down K-rap wormholes online, where the genre has begun branching off into unexpected directions. “Rap is on the TV, on the radio, in the club. It’s everywhere,” she says. The ubiquity affords her the freedom to strip some of the polish from the tightly wound Korean music industry. She clearly revels in the fumes of change, ratcheting up a fairly common style of kawaii music to a point of delirium.

出于好玩,Bryn 从那时起便开始说唱创作。而直到两年前,她才将一些满意的作品发表在 Soundcloud 上。歌曲一经上传,便很快引起了关注。随后,Bryn 参加了火爆全国的电视说唱节目《Show Me The Money》。

与亚洲大部分地区一样,真人秀节目对韩国说唱界的发展举足轻重。Bryn 认为该节目对她的意义也十分重大,这是一次珍贵的机会,让她独具特色的说唱表演在观众面前大显身手。大伙儿们纷纷在 Bryn 的个人页面点了关注,而她的音乐风格也开始朝着更令人意想不到的方向延伸。

如今,众多不同类型的说唱音乐风格在韩国遍地开花,她说:“无论在电视、电台还是夜店,说唱无处不在。”,而与此同时,广泛的热度也为传统的韩国音乐产业增添了一抹亮色。Bryn 从心底里为这样的转变感到高兴,而能让 “卡哇伊” 风格说唱被大众所了解,更是一件令她雀跃不已的好事儿。


For music videos and songs, Bryn now works with a revolving cast of collaborators. Different producers, directors, and stylists are involved in each project. Her videos bombard viewers with blasts of saturated colors and electronic sounds. And though she’s new to the rap game, her flair for performing is clear—she looks completely in her element when she’s in front of the lens.

在音乐 MV 和歌曲制作的过程中,Bryn 尝试与不同艺术家合作,每个项目都会有不同的制作人、导演和造型师参与当中。在她 MV 里,浓郁的色彩与电音轮番轰炸观众的视线和听觉。尽管还是一名说唱新人,但镜头里的她看上去如鱼得水,游刃有余,表演能力毋庸置疑。

Still a newcomer to the rap game, she’s only performed in Seoul nightclubs so far. “The hip-hop clubs are usually found in two different neighborhoods with different vibes,” she says. “The younger generation loves to dance and they really know how to party. They prefer Hong Dae and places like Henz. But older crowds usually prefer Itaewon and spots like Owl or Soap. I have fun in both areas.”

Despite Korean rap’s increasing global reach and the genre’s popularity at home, Bryn says the industry can still feel underdeveloped at times. Things are changing for the better though. “There used to be a big gap between the underground and major labels, but I don’t think that’s true anymore,” she says. “I personally think there’s not much of a difference. Music is just music.”

Bryn 的大部分演出活动举办在首尔的夜店。她说:“韩国的嘻哈音乐俱乐部主要分布在两片区域,这两个地方的氛围也截然不同。年轻一代喜欢跳舞和派对,他们则更喜欢出没在弘大和 Henz 一带;年纪大一点的更喜欢梨泰院,和 OwlSoap 这样的夜店。这俩地方都不赖。”

Bryn 认为,虽然韩国说唱音乐在全球的影响力不断扩大,在韩国本土也越来越受欢迎,但有时她仍会感觉到这个圈子还不够成熟,不过一切正朝着更好的方向发展。她说:“以前觉得地下音乐和主流厂牌音乐之间还有很大的差距,但现在好像已经不是这样了。我个人觉得这两者之间没太大差别,毕竟音乐就是音乐,没必要争个你强我弱。”

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Contributor: Mike Steyels
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