Real Big City

December 18, 2015 2015年12月18日



Real Big City is a new limited-edition screen print from Shanghai-based German artist and IdleBeats co-founder Gregor Koerting. He recently premiered the poster in a joint exhibition called Tale of Two Cities in Shanghai with the Paris-based print studio Frenchfourch.

《真正的大城市》是居住在上海的德国艺术家兼IdleBeats联合创始人Gregor Koerting的限量丝网版画新作。在近日的“双城记”——与巴黎版画工作室Frenchfourch的联展上,他首次展示了这个海报作品。

Real Big City is a remake of a woodblock print that Gregor had made eight years ago when he first arrived in Shanghai. The first version of this print illustrated his initial impressions of the city, which according to him, was unlike anything he had ever seen before. He envisioned the iconic skyline of Shanghai as a cyberpunk and impressively futuristic cityscape.



Now after having lived in Shanghai for eight years, Gregor has remade this poster as a new four-color silk-screen print. Incorporating his greater understanding and experience of having lived in this “real big city”, he has now changed the concept of the print to represent every major megalopolis in the world. He believes that in a place like Shanghai one can see the trajectory of future civilizations, which is not necessarily dystopian, but actually full of exciting new possibilities.



Real Big City can be purchased now exclusively on the Neocha Shop. Each print measures 38 x 57cm , and was screen printed on high-quality Somerset 300gsm watercolor paper in four layers: yellow, red, blue and black. It is available in a limited edition of only 17.

《真正的大城市》现由Neocha网店独家贩售。其每幅作品尺寸为38 x 57cm,由黄、红、蓝、黑四色网印于300毫克高质Somerset水彩纸上。此作限量印制17版,现可供购买。

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Buy "Real Big City" by Gregor Koerting


  • Edition size: 17
  • Screenprint size: 38 x 57cm
  • Number of colors: 4
  • Paper: Somerset 300gsm Watercolor Paper
  • Price: $150 for single print without frame


  • 印刷数量: 17
  • 作品尺寸: 38 x 57cm
  • 颜色: 4
  • 纸张: 300克Somerset水彩纸
  • 价格: $150单幅无装裱作品


Contributor & Videographer: Leon Yan
Photographers: Leon Yan, Banny Wang



供稿与视频摄影: Leon Yan
图片摄影: Leon Yan, Banny Wang

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