Rendered Realities 在我的世界里放一把火

September 27, 2018 2018年9月27日

To enter the worlds of Izzzy is to forget time and place. His digital artwork is a product of the internet, with references that point to some imagined future and call a land of ones and zeros home. In this alternate dimension, the Jakartan artist has spawned forth an array of cyborgs and monsters that hint at a larger narrative happening just outside of each frame.

进入印尼雅加达艺术家 Izzzy (真名 Yudhistira Israel)的世界,你要先将时空的概念抛诸脑后。他的数字艺术作品以网络为灵感,构筑出一个想象的未来,将虚拟的网络世界当作家园。在这个不同维度中,他创作了一系列的机器人和怪物,就像是在更大的叙事背景中的人物角色。

Like many young creatives in Indonesia, Izzzy originally built his following as a Youtuber, creating parodies and cracking jokes about local topics under his VNGNC alias. This all changed when he was tapped by Mardial, a popular local music producer, to direct a music video, which is ultimately what inspired Izzzy to take a new career direction. While he’s thankful of his Youtube fan base, he’s set that identity aside to focus on motion graphics, music videos, and 3D art. “I can’t deny that I started with my Youtube personality,” he says. “But I stopped working on that channel and my Instagram keeps growing. So I think it’s safe to say that people enjoy my visual work.”

和印度尼西亚的许多年轻创意人一样,Izzzy 最初通过 Youtube 来积累粉丝,他以 VNGNC 的名号发布一些模仿和有关当地话题的搞笑视频。直到被当地有名的音乐制作人 Mardial 邀请,并指导拍摄一部音乐MV后,Izzzy 迎来了事业的转机,最终也激发 Izzzy 寻求新的职业发展方向。他很庆幸自己曾拥有的 Youtube 粉丝群,但他已经决定将 Youtuber 的身份放在一边,专注于动画、音乐 MV 和 3D 艺术的创作。“我不能否认自己就是从 Youtube 开始的。”他说:“但我已经停止更新那个 Youtube 频道,而我的 Instagram 依然在不断发展。所以我想人们应该还是挺喜欢我的视觉作品的。”

His work reveals clearly defined inspirations, largely made up of internet culture: Tumblr aesthetics, vaporwave cues, and cyberpunk motifs heavily shaped his artistic sensibilities. “Tumblr influenced me back in college, I used to browse it a lot. It’s a lazy way to keep your creative brain occupied,” laughs Izzzy, whose real name is Yudhistira Israel. “When I wouldn’t feel like doing anything, I’d go on Tumblr and type some keywords and just scroll.”

Izzzy’s imaginary worlds are overflowing with pop culture references, like the Greco-Roman statues and palm plants that are commonly associated with vaporwave. He even goes so far as to create fan art for the likes of Stranger Things and Devilman Crybaby. A deep appreciation for other people’s achievements is plain to see. His personal style is draped over this wealth of inspiration, conveyed through textures, lighting, colors, and storylines that drip with mood and mystery.  

他的创作灵感在作品中显而易见,主要都是互联网文化,Tumblr 美学、蒸汽波艺术(Vaporwave)和赛博朋克(Cyberpunk)元素,都对他的艺术创作有着重要的影响。“大学的时候,Tumblr 对我影响很大,我常常会刷 Tumblr。这算是一种保持大脑创意的比较懒的方式。” Izzzy 笑着说,“当我什么都不想做的时候,我就会去 Tumblr 上,输入一些关键字,开始刷。”

Izzzy 的想象世界里充满了各种流行文化参考,如希腊和罗马的雕像、蒸汽波艺术常出现的棕榈植物等等。他甚至为美剧《怪奇物语》(Stranger Things)和日本动画《恶魔人》(Devilman Crybaby)创作了同人作品。他在作品中清晰展示出自己所借鉴的灵感参考。而在这些丰富的灵感之上,则是他个人风格的铺展,通过纹理、灯光、色彩和故事情节,呈现出充满氛围感和神秘感的画面。

“3D is just one medium,” Izzzy says. “I can’t go outside and set a construction site on fire and then take a picture of it, so I just create it. My diverse artistic background has given me a different perspective about how to use various mediums together.”

“3D 只是一种创作媒介。” Izzzy 说,“我总不能为了拍一张照片,就到外面去放火烧掉一块建筑工地吧?所以我只能自己来创造这种场景。拥有多元化的艺术背景这点,也让我知道该如何将各种媒介融合在一起。”



Elements of his 3D work make appearances in his music videos. Floating cars partially submerged in turbulent water and exploding digital skulls are some of the more obvious recurring themes. Then there’s also his bold use of color. “The colors in my music video treatment is a lot like my 3D works. Teal and purple. Magenta and violet. They’re really natural elements for me.”

他的 3D 作品元素也会出现在他的音乐视频作品中。在淹没在湍流中的汽车、爆炸般的数字头骨都是他在作品中反复出现的主题。此外,还有他对颜色的大胆运用。 “我对 MV 作品的色彩处理和我的 3D 作品很像。深青色和紫色。洋红色和紫罗兰色。这些对我来说都很自然的色彩。”



He also VJs for Dutch EDM duo Yellow Claw and creates a portion of their video content that he performs live when on tour with them. While they have their own aesthetic of cinematic visuals and crisp lines, Izzzy is able to bring his personal touch to those screens as well. His vision is most clear in the music video he made for their track “Do You Like Bass?”, which is a hectic barrage of pretty much every element he’s ever worked on and more. It starts out with a partially tongue-in-cheek warning: “This video has been identified to definitely trigger seizures for people with (or without) photosensitive epilepsy.”

In the end, all Izzzy’s output circles back around to his still 3D art. It’s the most personal of his work and sets the stage for much of the rest of his various outlets. When asked what keeps him going back to 3D illustrations, his reply was plainspoken yet sincere: “I’m just really passionate about it.”

他还给荷兰电音组合 Yellow Claw 担任 VJ,与他们一同巡演,并参与创作了乐队现场表演时的影像内容。在影像原有的电影视觉效果与清晰线条之上,Izzzy 将个人风格融入其中。在他为乐队的曲目《Do You Like Bass?》制作的音乐 MV 中,他的理念最为清晰,这几乎可以说是他曾经创作过的所有元素的结合。片头更是插入了一段诙谐的警告:“这个视频已被确认肯定会给患有(或没有)光敏性者强烈刺激。”

所有 Izzzy 的作品归根到底都是以 3D 静态艺术为核心的。这是他最具个性化的作品,也是他的其它艺术创作的基础。当被问及是什么让他回到 3D 插图创作时,他的回答直接又真诚:“因为这是我的真爱。”

Instagram: @vngnc

Contributor: Mike Steyels

Instagram: @vngnc

供稿人: Mike Steyels