Spring to Life 纸上行旅

May 31, 2019 2019年5月31日

Yeni Kim is a Korean artist who constructs whimsical little worlds out of paper. Simple as they seem, these pint-sized creations are only the fruit of round after round of trial and error. “Paper art was much more complicated than I thought,” she admits. “I usually first start with a sketch, then I make several 3D paper models so I can try different types and colors of paper to find the most harmonious and beautiful combinations.” The work doesn’t end there, though. Before taking the final photos of her paper assemblages in a studio setting, Kim often has to go back and make more adjustments to ensure that everything is flawless.

韩国艺术家 Yeni Kim,用纸搭建出这一个个充满奇思妙想的小世界。不过在这些看似简单的纸张创作背后,其实是靠一次又一次浩大工程的实验成果。“纸艺比我想像中还要复杂许多。你必须先画好草图,依照它做出立体的纸模型,过程中必须试验各种纸张的材质类型和颜色,以找到最和谐、好看的组合。”做好之后,一切还没有结束。在送到摄影工作室进行拍摄之前,Yeni 常常需要来回进行多次修改,以确保它在平面上呈现的效果。

Kim started out as an illustrator, but over time she came to feel she wanted to convey more than was possible in a two-dimensional illustration. “I wanted something more vivid, fresh, and joyful to present my thoughts and views of the world,” Kim recalls. She found her answer in paper. Paper may look flimsy, but it’s a tough, flexible material that can bring the imagination to life. Sculpting with paper allows for more narrative possibilities than drawing on it.

Kim’s studio, Marchcraft, is named after the month that welcomes the spring season—a month that, to the artist, represents warm memories and nascent hope. Her art encapsulates this springtime essence, carrying a warmth that feels like a gentle breeze on a sunny afternoon. “I think art has the ability to move people,” Kim says. “And through my paper creations, I want to bring more warmth and positivity to the world.”

Yeni Kim 早先其实是一位插画家,不过渐渐地,她觉得她想传递的东西已经超过平面插画所能表达的范畴。“我想找一个更生动、新鲜、快乐的方式去更好地呈现我所看到的世界和想法。”随后,她即在纸张中找到了她的答案。纸张看似娇弱,实际上却非常坚韧,可塑性也很强,可以让各种幻想都构筑成现实。就像是用纸来作画,只不过增加了更多空间的叙事可能性。


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Contributor: Yang Yixuan




网站: www.marchcraft.com
Instagram: @yeni_kim
Behance: ~/yenikim  


供稿人: Yang Yixuan