The Adventures of an Odd Duck 铁皮怪鸭

June 12, 2018 2018年6月12日

Beijing-based illustrator Tiepi Guaiya (meaning “An Odd, Iron-clad Duck” in English) is an artist whose love for sci-fi and adventure shines through in his work. Each stand-alone frame is an immersive story that pulls viewers deep into the scene. With surreal details peppered throughout his work, his drawings invite viewers to journey into the depths of his active imagination. Summing up his own art, he describes it as consisting of “space, aliens, monsters, wild animals, skateboards, bicycles, pimped-out rides, fashion, sexual desire, local Beijing culture, and everything else that seems cool.”


《飞克船长》系列:当飞克船长变成老船长 依然可以把你迷倒
《飞克船长》系列:船长的实验室 她们都说船长认真研究的样子非常英俊 眉毛一挑世界地动山摇

Weibo: ~/铁皮怪鸭


Contributor: Chen Yuan

微博: ~/铁皮怪鸭


供稿人: Chen Yuan

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