The People of Yangon

December 28, 2016 2016年12月28日

Earlier this year, Neocha’s founder and creative director Adam J. Schokora spent a week exploring Myanmar. For him, Yangon, the largest and most-populated city of the country, was one of the most unforgettable legs of the trip, a city that’s rich with life and colors. Below, he presents a visual diary of his travels.

今年早些时候,Neocha创始人兼创意总监Adam J. Schokora用了一个星期的时间来探索缅甸。对于他来说,他在缅甸最大和人口最多的仰光的经历是整段旅行中最为难忘的部分,这是一座充满了蓬勃活力和缤纷色彩的城市。下面是他在这段旅行中记录的视觉日记。

“When I travel, I’m not particularly interested in visiting scenic spots or the ‘must-sees.’ For me, the charm of any destination is found in its people and that’s what I try to capture when I’m out shooting. I shot the following pictures during a trip to Yangon, Myanmar earlier this year. The pictures show a glimpse of the wonderfully photogenic, friendly, and colorful people of the city.”


“Yangon is bustling in the same way any big Asian city is, but in many ways, it still feels undiscovered. The saturated colors, the worn textures, and the general throwback aesthetic of the city gives any image a unique, nostalgic feel quite unlike anywhere else I’ve travelled. The locals don’t seem to mind having their photo taken, nor are they overly clamoring for the attention of your lens. Bouncing around and capturing authentic moments without disturbing anyone or raising suspicions is done with ease. Yangon is a paradise for casual street photography.”


“Equipped with just a Leica M, a Leica M6, and two Summicron lenses (a 50mm and a 90mm), I roamed the city and shot these pictures over the course of a few short days without a predetermined agenda or route. A few of the locations shown in the images include the Pansodan Ferry Terminal and Yangon River boardwalk area, the Yangon Central Railway Station, the Theingyi Market, along with countless other intersections, overpasses, alleyways, shop fronts, and courtyards.”


Instagram: @ajschokora


Contributor & Photographer: Adam J. Schokora

Instagram: @ajschokora


供稿人与摄影师: Adam J. Schokora

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