The Photography of Shen Li

August 13, 2015 2015年8月13日

Shen Li is a young Chinese architect and photographer from Lianyungang in Jiangsu province. For Li, photography is not a tool to earn money, but rather is a way for him to document objects and moments to look at again in the future.


The way Li sees his photography is very straightforward and closely tied to his everyday life. “I am a photographer who is curious about photography. My style probably falls somewhere between documenting and arranging.”


Looking at Li’s photography, it is perhaps this dichotomy between wanting to document the world as it is, but also arranging objects into a scene that is most intriguing. Certain images blur the line between these two styles of photography, until the subjects of the photos take on a nature of their own.


According to Shen Li, the relationship between photography and everyday life is like “a simplified version of the relationship between oneself and everything else outside of that.” In essence, Li’s art is all about documenting, capturing, saving and observing life as it is.


Contributor: Taylor Shen

供稿人:Taylor Shen