Under 1.0 活在C里的八百种动物

June 21, 2018 2018年6月21日

One of the most important purposes of design is to solve problems, to make people’s lives – and our world as a whole – a better, more beautiful place. This belief is at the core of what inspired Taiwanese designer, illustrator, and animal lover Wan Xiangxin to create Under 1.0.

Cleverly designed as a series of eye exam charts, Under 1.0 is comprised of a dozen infographic posters that call attention to the global issue of species endangerment. Rather than the solid black Cs of standard Landolt ring charts, Wan has meticulously hand drawn each ring to represent specific animals. Much like traditional eye exam charts, the rings shrink as they go down the poster – the diminishing size of each C-shaped animal indicates the severity of each species’ dwindling population.

设计的最重要目的之一是解决问题,让人们的生活,或者说整个世界,变得更好、更美。正是这一理念激发了台湾设计师、插画家和动物爱好者万向欣创作了一系列的资讯图表海报《Under 1.0

万向欣将《Under 1.0》巧妙设计成一系列的视力表,呼吁人们关注物种濒危的全球性问题。她将朗多环形视力表上的黑色实体“C”字精心手绘成而不同的动物。和像传统的视力表一样,越往下,“C”字越小,大小的递减对应着所画的动物物种数量不断减少的严重程度。

With each of the 12 posters representing a different country, Under 1.0 spotlights the endangered species endemic to each region. From afar, every poster looks similar, but a closer look will reveal that each poster actually features a completely unique art style; from American comic art to Australian aboriginal painting, Wan ingeniously pays homage to traditional art forms each country is known for. So far, over 800 animals have been drawn for the project and she’s teased at plans of building on the series in the future.

《Under 1.0》的 12 幅作品各代表不同国家,展示了每个地区的濒危物种问题。从远处看,每一张海报大同小异,但仔细观察就会发现,每张海报里居然拥着各不相同的艺术风格。从美国漫画艺术到澳大利亚原住民绘画,她巧妙致敬着每个国家的传统艺术形式。迄今为止,万向欣在这个项目里已经画了超过 800 种动物,并有计划在未来继续扩大这个项目。

“I believe designers have a social responsibility,” Wan tells us. “We’re all a part of society, and our job as designers is to communicate ideas in an accessible way to the masses through good design . . . Every field of design can improve the world in their own ways. Minute changes can inspire solutions to big problems. As long as there are still designers, and as long as designers work together, I truly believe the world will become a better place.”


Under 1.0 is one of many inspiring design concepts entered in this year’s Golden Pin Concept Design Award. Shortlisted candidates for concept designs will be announced in July and the winners will be announced on September. For completed designs, registration for the Golden Pin Design Award will run until June 28 at 5 pm (GMT+8). Visit the Golden Pin Design Award website for more details.

《Under 1.0》是今年金点设计奖(Golden Pin Design Award) 的精彩入围作品之一。本次大奖的概念设计入围名单将于 7 月公布,最终获奖者将于 9 月公布。想要提交设计项目,记得在 6 月 28 日下午 5 时(GMT + 8)前完成注册。欲了解更多详情,请登陆浏览金点设计奖官网

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Contributor: David Yen

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供稿人: David Yen

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