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April 26, 2016 2016年4月26日

Meet WILD$TYLE, an independent label that has aspirations of becoming the main defining force of the hip-hop scene in Hong Kong. Their name comes from the 1983 American movie Wild Style, which is one of the most influential hip-hop films of all time. First established in 2011, WILD$TYLE has held the same unwavering mindset of creating the “purest and dopest hip-hop” to this very day. Since then, they have collaborated across the globe, working with talented artists in Japan, Taiwan, and even France.

WILD$TYLE,中文亦為撒野作風,是個獨立音樂廠牌,擁有著定義香港嘻哈界的遠大抱負。他們的名字來自1983年美國電影《Wild Style》,一部有史以來最有影響力的街舞電影之一。 WILD$TYLE作為一個嘻哈團體,最初成立於2011年,一直堅守著製作“最純最酷嘻哈”的堅定心態至今。從建立之日起,他們已和來自全球各地的卓越藝術家們合作過,包括日本、台灣,甚至法國。

Listen to select tracks from YoungQueenz’s last album THE TUESDAY  below.

YoungQueenz – DEEP ft. Matt-Force
YoungQueenz – What a Life ft. GrymeMan
YoungQueenz – THE TUESDAY


YoungQueenz – DEEP ft. Matt-Force
YoungQueenz – What a Life ft. GrymeMan
YoungQueenz – 異常火曜日

WILD$TYLE is different from the typical hip-hop crew, where members often adapt a similar style and rap around related themes. “We’re not a crew – every artist has their own style. We try to promote every one of them individually.” WILD$TYLE’s roster consists of numerous producers and rappers, and each artist taps into their own stylistic niche. The core rappers are: MicLi, who’s known for his weed-fueled rap; Matt-Force, who has a mellow boom bap style; Triple G, known for his hipster rap; and Grymeman, who both produces and raps in his signature 90s style. And then of course, there’s YoungQueenz – the man behind it all.

典型的嘻哈crew中,通常成員間會形成相似風格和相關主題的說唱。 WILD$TYLE則與此不同。 “我們不是一個crew,每個人都有著有自己的風格。推出這些藝術家的時候都是以獨立個體的形式運行。”WILD$TYLE有著各種製作人和說唱歌手,每個都有自己的風格定位。核心說唱歌手有:MicLi,葉子主題說唱;Triple G,hipster說唱;Matt-Force,溫柔爆發的BAP風;Grymeman,90年代風格的製作和說唱;當然,還有YoungQueenz——這一切幕後的男人。

Rapper extraordinaire YoungQueenz is the founder, creative director, and overall mastermind behind WILD$TYLE. Inspired by the lyricism and energy of local rap legend LMF, he started to pen his own lyrics as a teenager. He admits that ever since he started rapping, he felt that this was going to be his life’s destined path. YoungQueenz is able to find artistic inspiration in many things, like the city vibes of Hong Kong, the violence of Takeshi Kitano’s films, and his mentality of having a “huge ego but with super low self-esteem”. Bringing together all of his influences and inspirations, he recently released “Kiko Mizuhara”, the first single off of his upcoming Otaku Mobb mixtape.




This latest YoungQueenz track is a bizarre combination of different things, like drugs, anime, video games, and anti-social tendencies, that he manages to make work. The music video switches locations from the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong, to an old school arcade with flickering screens, to fluorescent-lit hallways lined with anime posters. YoungQueenz delivers a frenzied visceral flow of words, in a smooth mix of Cantonese and English, over a trap beat crafted by Floyd Cheung, a producer and also one of the original members of WILD$TYLE. YoungQueenz’s lyrics sometimes mention drugs like DMT and PCP – and other times, he mentions his otaku-related interests, by name-dropping anime protagonists and Japanese video games. “This world is evil, you know – but for me, otaku love is pure and real.” YoungQueenz cohesively glues these unlikely themes together with a chorus that echoes his endless infatuation with famous Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.

YoungQueenz的最新曲目,由藥物、動漫、電動遊戲和反社會傾向構成,成就一個奇異卻又奏效的混合體。香港霓虹燈閃閃的街道間、屏幕忽閃的老派電玩遊樂場,以及貼滿動漫海報、熒光燈爍爍的走廊,這首曲子的MV就是拍攝於這些場景之間。伴著WILD$TYLE製作人和原始成員之一Floyd Cheung創作的trap節拍,YoungQueenz以粵語和英語帶來了發自肺腑的狂亂爆發。他的歌詞在各種題材間切換——有從不同的藥物,如DMT和PCP; 而他的御宅相關愛好,也通過在作品裡甩出動漫主角和日本電動遊戲的名字等以融合進去。 “世界很邪惡,但宅男的愛情純粹又真實。”YoungQueenz設法把這些看似不可思議的主題膠合在一起,副歌裡迴盪著他對日本著名模特水原希子無盡的迷戀。

YoungQueenz is still keeping an eye out for new producers to work with. “I need more beats. I feel like I am trapped and can’t maximize my vision, concept and ability because of this,” he said. “I don’t want to rap over non-exclusive beats. It’s personal. I need originality, and to work with a producer who’s feeling my mind so I can make better music and show my big picture to the audience.” Besides the upcoming Otaku Mobb mixtape, he also hinted at another album and a couple more trap EPs coming in the near future.

YoungQueenz仍期許和更多的製作人合作。 “我需要更多的beats。現在的我覺得像被困住,我的視像、理念、能力也因此不能最大化,”他說, “我不想用非專屬的beats來說唱。這是很個人的,我需要獨創性,需要一個可以理解我想法的製作人合作,這樣我可以做出更好的音樂,給觀眾展示我的宏圖。”除了即將推出的《禦宅MOBB》混音專輯,他也暗示了在不久的將來,還有另一張專輯,以及一些Trap EP。

Bandcamp: ~/WildstyleRecords
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Contributor: Banny Wang
Photographer: Jia Li

Bandcamp: ~/WildstyleRecords


供稿人: Banny Wang
摄影师: Jia Li

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