Spring Apparel Story

We created a print campaign for Vans’ S/S 16 collection, The imagery was captured in an apparel story lookbook featuring a variety of brand collaborators and ambassadors in China, including illustrator Ton Mak, guitarist Red (of the heavy metal band “Must Be Red”), tattoo artist David Pollen, rapper and parkour runner Wan Zi, and skater / actor Liu Xiangjun. The campaign was shot by agency founder and creative director Adam Schokora.

我们为Vans2016年春夏系列创作了平面硬广,图片被收录在其产品目录中,通过这些图片真实展现了各类与品牌合作的中国艺术家形象,他们包括:插画家Ton Mak、吉他手Red(女子金属核乐队”Must Be Red”成员)、纹身艺术家David Pollen、说唱艺人及跑酷达人丸子以及滑手/演员刘相君。该系列平面硬广由本机构创始人兼创意总监Adam Schokora亲自掌镜。

Music Lovers




We created a spot to promote a fall / winter parka for fashion brand Tonlion. The parka is especially for music lovers with earphones ergonomically designed into the hood, allowing for optimized wire management and a premium listening experience. The spot combines live-action shooting, stop-motion animation, and a variety of illustration, graphic, and hand-made textural effects. The content was used digitally and in select OOH executions.


#SongStyle / Your Every Occasion




Staying true to yourself and your sense of style can be tough in our busy lives. There’s work, there’s home, there’s nightlife, there’s ‘weekend casual,’ there’s on the street, in the park, and everything in-between. These different places and occasions present us with too much to think about when it comes to our daily looks.

We collaborated with ESPRIT and Korean A-List Actor Song Hye Kyo to create a FW campaign to inspire everyone’s daily style. In a journey through her ‘every occasion,’ Song shares with us #SongStyle and how she puts together looks for the many occasions life presents us.

The print campaign (shot by Zo Sun Hi) is coupled with a series of fun, animated GIFs and stereographs showcasing seasonal products, as well as a campaign mini-site.


我们与ESPRIT品牌以及韩国知名演员宋慧乔合作打造了一系列给予大家日常着装启发的秋冬季广告。通过她的“每一刻”着装搭配,宋慧乔与我们分享了#乔装十一刻 以及她是如何在不同场合塑造不同造型的。

该平面系列广告涵括了平面主视觉拍摄(由韩国摄影师Zo Sun Hi掌镜)、一系列有趣的动图、立体照片来展示该季产品,除此之外也在官网上有一个相关的活动页面。

Fall / Winter 2016 Knitwear Collection