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新年,认识 “新” 女性




Chinese New Year is a season ripe with possibilities and perspectives. We celebrated these with a campaign for ESPRIT featuring actress Zhou Dongyu that showcases a new generation of women and a new concept of femininity in China (“新“ 女性).

ESPRIT & Zhou Dongyu work together to champion “新“ 女性, a movement inspiring women to pursue their purpose, passion, and lifestyle with confidence, regardless of what’s expected of them.

The campaign was promoted via a collaboration with video platform Douyin(known for its fun dance skits), where target consumers were engaged to share short clips about how they are redefining themselves and empowering their “new woman” in the new year (dance moves optional, but encouraged!)

We also created a print campaign of seasonal looks with Zhou Dongyu.

更多可能和更新的视角随着中国新年的到来而展开。我们借此为ESPRIT创作一组由演员周冬雨诠释新时代女性的名为“新“ 女性的宣传内容。


在该宣传内容期间,我们通过以分享有趣舞蹈而著称的短视频软件平台 – “抖音”进行视频内容的投放合作,呼吁消费者分享她们在新的一年想要成为哪种“新”女性的故事及美好夙愿。

我们也同时为品牌合作艺人- 周冬雨创作了一组当季产品的宣传平面广告。

Shanghai Flagship Store Opening


We created a window display and photo booth installation for ESPRIT’s Shanghai Flagship store launch party and opening period.

The campaign allowed consumers to express themselves by filling in personal statements directly on the glass of the photo booths with fluorescent markers. The booths themselves were colorful, James Turrrel-inspired, neon capsules designed to provide a fun vibe for photo taking.


该活动邀请消费者用荧光笔在互动拍照装置的透明表面写下代表自己的个性标语,霓虹胶囊式的创意拍照装置灵感来源于James Turrel,为人们提供一种别样的炫彩拍照体验。

Store Opening Event Party



Seasonal Campaign




For China’s annual shopping holiday (November 11), we created a seasonal campaign for ESPRIT featuring supermodel and “IT Girl” You Tianyi. Like ESPRIT, You Tianyi is all about positive vibes, having a good time, and of dancing like nobody is looking. In the same spirit, we developed lighthearted, carefree storytelling that was captured in a playful lookbook video coupled with a series of fun still images showcasing key seasonal looks. The campaign ran via social media and on the brand’s T-Mall online store, helping to drive record sales during the sales period.

我们为ESPRIT品牌在中国双十一购物狂欢节期间的线上活动创作了一条产品系列广告,此次广告邀请了超模 / “IT Girl”游天翼合作。游天翼用轻快肆意的舞步带给人积极欢乐的氛围,这正与ESPRIT的品牌精神如出一辙。基于同样的精髓,我们以轻松愉悦的方式呈现一份趣味十足的产品目录宣传片以及一系列展示季度主打产品的平面硬广。该广告被广泛运用于社交媒体及品牌天猫官店,为其在购物节期间引领销量。

#SongStyle / Your Every Occasion




Staying true to yourself and your sense of style can be tough in our busy lives. There’s work, there’s home, there’s nightlife, there’s ‘weekend casual,’ there’s on the street, in the park, and everything in-between. These different places and occasions present us with too much to think about when it comes to our daily looks.

We collaborated with ESPRIT and Korean A-List Actor Song Hye Kyo to create a FW campaign to inspire everyone’s daily style. In a journey through her ‘every occasion,’ Song shares with us #SongStyle and how she puts together looks for the many occasions life presents us.

The print campaign (shot by Zo Sun Hi) is coupled with a series of fun, animated GIFs and stereographs showcasing seasonal products, as well as a campaign mini-site.


我们与ESPRIT品牌以及韩国知名演员宋慧乔合作打造了一系列给予大家日常着装启发的秋冬季广告。通过她的“每一刻”着装搭配,宋慧乔与我们分享了#乔装十一刻 以及她是如何在不同场合塑造不同造型的。

该平面系列广告涵括了平面主视觉拍摄(由韩国摄影师Zo Sun Hi掌镜)、一系列有趣的动图、立体照片来展示该季产品,除此之外也在官网上有一个相关的活动页面。

Fall / Winter 2016 Knitwear Collection