A Diary in Comics 日记本上的胡思乱想

July 23, 2018 2018年7月23日

“I guess you could call my work a dumping ground of uncensored thoughts.”

For Ji Sub Jeong, aka Geesubay, a Korean-Canadian artist working in New York, art has been a passion since childhood. “I’ve been drawing obsessively as long as I can remember,” he says. “I’d doodle on anything I could get my hands on, from textbooks and magazines to the walls of my room (which my mom did not appreciate!). Drawing was something that I enjoyed tremendously, and I could never get enough of it.”

“我想你几乎可以把我的作品称为 ‘一团没有经过审查的思想垃圾堆’。”

韩裔加拿大籍插画家 Ji Sub Jeong aka Geesubay,目前在纽约发展艺术事业。他对于艺术的热爱从小就展露无遗,自从有记忆以来,画画就一直是他最着迷的事情。“我会在任何我碰得到的东西上乱画,从课本、杂志、到我房间的墙壁,虽然对此我妈妈很不高兴。我一直非常享受画画,我想我永远不会有觉得画够了的那一天。”

Window Thoughts /《窗边随想》
Everything Is A Blur /《世界是模糊的》
Naked And Shy /《裸体与害羞》
Not Fall Yet /《還沒掉下來》
Getting Over The Hurdle /《跨栏》

Jeong’s art is simple and free, full of a humor that brings a familiar smile your face. The mischievous, pudgy little boy in his drawings, out exploring the world, seems to be a creature of his imagination. As he plays and gets into trouble, he discovers life’s smaller joys. “I’ve never been one to keep a steady diary, but I’ve realized that I feel the most satisfied when I draw something I’ve had on my mind for a while,” he says. “So I guess my illustrations can be viewed as a visual diary that showcases my most private and honest feelings about the world.”

他的创作简单、自由、充满令人会心一笑的小幽默。一个拥有浑圆身躯的小男孩喜欢到处闯荡,也许这个顽皮的男孩就是 Ji Sub Jeong 想像的投射,他总在无趣的规则边缘探索,惹一点事,嬉闹之间发现生活微小却显而易见的乐趣。“我从来不是能每天按时写日记的人,但我发现如果可以用画的把想法记录下来,这让我感到好满足。所以我的作品也可以被看作我的图像日记,诚实地展现了我个人对世界的看法。”

Headspace /《头上空间》
Cig Thought /《烟与随想》
Don't Ground Me/《不要拉我》
Clapping My Own Hands /《和自己击掌》
Peace Sign /《和平标志》
Finger Print /《指纹》
Who Am I /《我是谁》



Contributor: Yang Yixuan

Instagram: @geesubay


供稿人: Yang Yixuan