An Inner Journey 有时候悲伤会在你心底窜出一个洞

August 31, 2018 2018年8月31日

The story goes like this: in a gorgeous world drawn from a fantasy or a dream, a faceless girl is floating in an unfamiliar place. She’s been searching, longing to find a way out of this strange land, but she keeps tumbling down again and again, constantly tumbling down.

This colorful and expressive music video is a collaboration by Malaysian animator Yan Dan Wong and Swedish animator Annalotta Pauly. Their images are accompanied by the upbeat melody of Vulfgang Rainstorme’s recent track “Semblance.”


伴随着这一首轻快节奏的音乐,我们跟着女孩踏上一段 “寻找” 的旅程。这个画面缤纷、意寓鲜明的音乐视频是马来西亚动画师 Yan Dan Wong,协同另一位动画师好友 Annalotta Pauly 共同创作的动画作品。



“I was approached by a Canadian artist, Vulfgang Rainstorme, for a commission for an animated music video for a song on his new album A Yellow Spot,” says Wong. “When we found out that the album was dedicated to his late mother, we thought of themes of loss, searching, feeling incomplete, and finding peace to let go. So we thought of a narrative about a faceless female character embarking on a journey to look for something or someone.”

“一开始我们接到了加拿大音乐人 Vulfgang Rainstorme 的委托,为专辑《A Yellow Spot 》当中的一首歌《Semblance》创作动画。后来我们得知这张专辑是他献给母亲的怀念之作,于是构思了关于失去、探寻、感到迷失、最终重拾平静、和放下这个主题。并以一个无脸女孩为主角,出发去寻找的故事。”


This kaleidoscopic world full of challenges is all in the girl’s mind. Her quest is a healing process. “Grief creates a hole inside of you. We sometimes experience unfathomable sadness, but not everything is bad all the time. The world the girl finds herself in is neither good nor bad, it just is,” Wong explains. “After getting reassured by the memories of a lost loved one, the girl gets the courage to dive down through the dark and stormy waters, and she ends up at the surface again.”


“She finds herself in the place where she started. Maybe not much has changed, but she knows she’s stronger now. You can’t avoid grief, but you can work through it. That’s our understanding of the music video.”

The girl eventually ends up in the same place of shelter—the only difference is that she’s found what she was looking for. After crossing through grief, she’s again recovered her face. She’s no longer the person she once was.


女孩终究落脚在同一片安身之地,唯一不同的是她找到了心想的东西。度过了悲伤,重获了容貌。她不再是原来的自己。 /


Contributor: Yang Yixuan

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供稿人: Yang Yixuan

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