Conrad Beijing

December 9, 2016 2016年12月9日

Located on Beijing’s East Third Ring Road, in the heart of the city’s central business district, the Conrad Beijing clearly stands out amongst its surrounding commercial office buildings. The hotel is characterized by innovative architecture and design, which serves as a refreshing, energized alternative to Beijing’s often monotonous urban sprawl.


The building’s exterior stands tall and slender, encased in a sleek metal frame that sets its aesthetically apart from the norm. Designed by MAD Architects, the sinuous casing adds fluidity to an otherwise gridded structure. The outer network curves in a natural fashion, a shape reminiscent of moving organisms. MAD worked dilligently to achieve their concept of ‘Living Architecture’, designing a free-form, mutated structure that softened against the city’s urban rigidity.


Stepping inside, the hotel’s décor is characterized by deep block colours, interesting textures and reflective surfaces. Designed by LTW Design Works, its alluring interior is a natural extension of the building’s attractive outer shell. By considering Conrad Beijing’s unique setting and cultural identity, LTW has created a compelling narrative that defines the hotel. Its design is consistently sophisticated, but escapes being too traditional by maintaining a playful balance between the past and the present, refinement and flair. Every room is unique, yet close attention to design continuity allows for a seamless transition from one area to the next.

一走进酒店,迎面而来的就是极具视觉效果的装饰墙:深色的质感、妙趣横生的纹理、以及带着反射效果的表面,都给人眼前一亮的感觉。LTW Design Works的设计延续了精致风,也避免了过于保守。酒店在整体上完美融合了精巧与天然两种特性。每个房间都是独一无二的,但同时也非常注重设计的统一性,加上无处不在的柔和灯光与色调,让人自由顺畅地流转于各个房间中。

Traditional ink paintings in the main lobby, an old-fashioned spiral staircase in the Japanese restaurant, and charming silk-lined walls in the Chinese dining room are all nostalgic features that complement the hotel’s distinctly Asian aesthetic. Other rooms are less Eastern and more futuristic, bringing the hotel’s overall design into the present. While the lobby areas are characterized by bright open spaces, dark red mood lighting sets a more sensual tone in the bar, with scarlet light reflecting off its traditional wicker panelling. The further use of reflective, rose gold mirrors and plush pink carpets in the main reception area creates a softer, dream-like environment.


MAD’s intended to project their concept of nature and the great outdoors onto Beijing’s urban landscape, which is clearly illustrated throughout the hotel’s completed design. A dramatic sculpture of five tropical fish made out of rusted metal wires stands as the focal point of the lobby area, which has been warmly lit to bring them glistening to life, as if swimming into the middle of the room. This contributes to an overall sense of fluidity throughout the hotel. The Conrad Beijing is a consolidation of culture and contemporary design, as well as a unique representation of life and movement amidst a comparably static landscape.


The Conrad Beijing is an impressive consolidation of conventional culture and contemporary design. The overall grandeur of its Asia-inspired interior appropriately acknowledges its Chinese heritage, while its attention to detail, décor and intimacy has ensured an enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing experience for every guest.


Website: ~/conrad-beijing

No 29. East Third Ring Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing
People’s Republic of China


Phone: +86 10 6584 6000


Contributor: Ruby Weatherall
Photographer: Shu He
Images Courtesy of GD-Lighting Design



: +86 10 6584 6000


供稿人: Ruby Weatherall
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