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September 24, 2015 2015年9月24日


Lita Mu is a handbag designer based in Shanghai whose biggest hobby is baking for her friends and family in her spare time. Lita bakes Chinese mooncakes by hand, making them from scratch. Each mooncake is carefully crafted in her small design studio. Along with traditional mooncakes, she also makes unusual black mooncakes with red bean filling. The raw ingredients are soaked, crushed, cooked, molded, baked, and then later packaged in sets of six. Mooncake crafting is quite a labor-intensive and meticulous process, so Lita’s mooncakes are highly coveted as a special gift during the Mid-Autumn’s Festival holiday in China. She shows us the whole process from start to finish in this short video.


“I don’t want to give someone a gift that tastes bad, so I started experimenting with making truly delicious mooncakes. I think that giving this type of gift during Mid-Autumn’s Festival is more thoughtful. I still have a soft spot for traditional mooncake flavors, but rarely did I find any that tasted very good. For it to be truly delicious, the sweetness has to be controlled and you have to use really good ingredients. The buttery taste has to mask the taste of the beans so that the flavor is more smooth.”

“我不想把不好吃的东西送给别人吃,于是就开始自己尝试着做真正美味的月饼,我觉得这样送出去的中秋礼物才够得上有心意! 我对传统口味的月饼是情有独钟的,但是很少能吃到做得好的。提升口味的一个重要因素就是要控制用糖,还有食材一定要好。 黄油香浓的味道完美地掩盖住豆子的腥味,能让口感也更加滑润。”

“I make two types of skins for the mooncakes: a traditional one and a pure black one (made with bamboo charcoal powder) that is more unconventional. These two kinds paired together make up a perfect black and white combo, and can create a sense of mystery. The bamboo charcoal powder also has positive health effects for the body. The enthusiasm that everyone has shown for the mooncakes has given me a lot of encouragement. Even though the process can be quite difficult, it really does make me happy. I hope to start my own brand of desserts in the future and come up with new interesting sweets every month for everyone to try.”



Contributor & Videographer: Jia Li
Photography: Chan Qu



供稿人与视频摄影师: Jia Li
照片摄影师:Chan Qu

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