Using White Balance 世上的白并不仅仅只是一种白

January 16, 2019 2019年1月16日

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The White Balance tool is best used for making broad color adjustments. If you use a preset that creates a strong color cast, or if you just captured an image where the colors feel a bit off, you can use the White Balance tool to create a more accurate feeling tone.

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Looking at Color / 观察色彩

The White Balance tool gets its name for its ability to make sure the white hues in an image display without any off tints or casts. By balancing for known white or light gray tones, other colors will often fall into place. With this in mind, look for a reference point in your image that you can confidently ‘match’ by making adjustments with the White Balance tool.

顾名思义,白平衡工具就是用来调整图像中的白色调,使其不带有任何其它色调。通过调整白色调或浅灰色调, 其它的颜色也会获得相应的调整。因此,不妨先在图片中找一个参考点,然后就可以更有把握地使用白平衡工具进行相应的调整。

Finding Balance / 寻找平衡

Once you find your reference point, try to identify what might be making it feel off or how you may want to intentionally shift the color.

Is it too warm and yellow, or too cool and blue?

Use the Temperature slider.

一旦你找到参考点, 试着找出色调感觉不合适的原因,想想你应该如何有目的地调整色彩。



Is there a green tint, or does everything feel a little too pink?

Use the Tint slider。



By working with these four colors, you can use the White Balance tool to correct almost any kind of light. Working in small increments, use the sliders to gradually shift the color to a point that matches what you had in mind. By practicing this process, you’ll soon be able to spot easy adjustments and quickly eliminate color casts, especially in tricky lighting conditions.