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Watermelon (2016)

Ina Jang is a South Korean photographer currently residing in New York City. Her creative method uses layers of physical and digital cut-outs, and incorporates collage, paper, and sketches to create playful images. Jang’s latest series, Utopia, speaks directly to the viewer about perceptions of women. Using a colorful, minimalist style with attention to the composition and the poses of the figures, Utopia allows viewers to project their own feelings and attitudes towards femininity onto the images.

韩国摄影师Ina Jang目前居住在纽约,她通过多层次的几何形状和数码式裁剪,结合拼贴、纸张和草图,创作出有趣的图像。Jang的最新作品系列《乌托邦》(Utopia),直接向观众展现现代社会对女性的看法。这一系列的风格简约、多彩,注重构图和人物姿势,让观众将自己对女性的理解和态度投射到图像上。

Blush (2016)
Lemonade (2016)
Peach (2016)

Jang tells us more about the series: “Years of image making made me curious about the dynamics between the subject and the image maker. Often, female figures are portrayed as a submissive subject in the original source. They evoke a range of playfulness, shyness, seduction and promiscuity. Bright colors, metaphorical shapes, and the anonymity in my reinterpretation can open a different conversation with the viewers beyond the original source material. Regardless of whether the viewers are familiar with the source or not, I hope viewers could build their own stories and measure their own relationships with female figures in our visual culture.”


Flamingo (2016)
Fuchsia (2016)
Bubblegum (2016)
Tangerine (2017)

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