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Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1

Asia-based and London-born, music collective Yeti Out has recently unveiled their latest project: Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1, a compilation album eponymously named after their new record label. The reference to Silk Road is meant to embody the album and label’s core mission of facilitating an exchange between different cultures, much like how the ancient trade route linked Asia with Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. But instead of peddling fabric and spices, Yeti Out founders Arthur Bray, Erisen Ali, and Tom Bray are eager to build cross-cultural relations by wielding the universal language of music.

诞生于伦敦而常驻于亚洲的音乐团体 Yeti Out ,最近推出了他们的与新唱片公司同名专辑《丝绸之路》——这是为了体现专辑和唱片公司促进不同文化交流的核心使命,也是致敬于历史上那一条连接亚洲与中东、非洲和欧洲的古代贸易路线。但Yeti Out 的创始人 Arthur Bray,Elisen Ali 和 Tom Bray 并不想贩售传统的织物和香料,他们想通过音乐推动现代亚洲与世界的跨文化交流。

Listen to select tracks from Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1 below:

Aristophanes ft. Chiu Pi – U Were Not Here (prod. by Jam City)

Delf – Sentimental Mood ii

Bohan Phoenix ft. Chauncey, Slodown – SOLOW (prod. Drummy)

点击即可试听《丝绸之路 Vol. 1》中的几首歌曲:

Aristophanes ft. Chiu Pi – U Were Not Here (prod. by Jam City)

Delf – Sentimental Mood ii

Bohan Phoenix ft. Chauncey, Slodown – SOLOW (prod. Drummy)



Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1  features an all-star roster of emerging musicians, including Bohan Phoenix, YoungQueenz, Zean, Aristophanes, Chiu Pi, Roska, and more. From minimal Saigon electronica to Tokyo grime, the album seamlessly stitches together different languages and genres to bless listeners with a dynamic yet cohesive soundscape.

Aside from the talented musicians taking part in the album, art director Derick Van Wijk and photographer Alex Maeland were brought on board to create accompanying visuals. See larger versions of images Maeland shot for the album along with additional unreleased selects below.

《丝绸之路 Vol.1》专辑中收录了目前一众新晋国际歌手的音乐,包括 Bohan PhoenixYoung Queenz、Zean、貍貓邱比、Roska 等等,出色地融合了不同语言和流派的音乐,从西贡解构电子乐到东京Grime音乐,这张专辑既展示了文化多样性,又突显了音乐将世界各地人们凝聚一起的力量。

除了参与录制的歌手之外,Yeti Out 还邀请了艺术总监 Derick Van Wijk 和摄影师 Alex Maeland 分别负责专辑设计和摄影。下面一起来看看 Maeland 为《丝绸之路 Vol. 1》拍摄的作品吧。

Website: www.yetiout.com
Bandcamp: bandcamp.silkroadsounds.com
Instagram@silkroadsounds @yetiout


Contributor: David Yen
Images Courtesy of Yeti Out & Alex Maeland

网站: www.yetiout.com
Bandcamp: bandcamp.silkroadsounds.com
Instagram: @silkroadsounds @yetiout


供稿人: David Yen
图片由 Yeti Out与 Alex Maeland 提供

“Falter” by Black Letters



Black Letters is a four-piece alternative rock band based out of Bangalore, India. Comprised of Sharath Narayan, Sarang Menon, Arjun Radhakrishnan, and Akash Chacko, the band harnesses a dreamlike sound that blends electronica and rock elements with wistful pop vocals. Their unique sound has led to the band to be hailed as one of the most promising talents in the Indian music scene. “Falter” is the debut single from their upcoming album released via Overfeed Records. The accompanying music video for “Falter,” directed by Pranav Bhasin and Ankur Vyas, tells a surreal story about two lovers caught between worlds.

Black Letters 是一个印度班加罗尔的另类摇滚乐队,由 Sharath Narayan, Sarang Menon, Arjun Radhakrishnan 和 Akash Chacko 四人组成。他们用梦幻般的音效,将电子和摇滚元素与流行金曲结合起来,为自己打造出印度最有前景的乐队声名。《Falter》作为他们的首张单曲,将由 Overfeed Records 唱片公司收录并发行于整张专辑中。歌曲的 MV 由 Pranav Bhasin 与 Ankur Vyas 执导,讲述了两个恋人在不同世界之间的离奇故事。

Take a listen below to “Landscaper,” the second single from their upcoming album.

Black Letters – Landscaper


Black Letters – Landscaper

Facebook: ~/blackletters
Instagram: @blackletters


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao

脸书: ~/blackletters
Instagram: @blackletters


供稿人: George Zhi Zhao


We recently caught up with Taiwanese musician Chiu Pi to talk about SPLENDOR, his new full-length album (which he proudly proclaims to be even better than his previous album, Zang Zang). The album has been generating a lot of chatter in China, so we were keen to chat with Chiu Pi to learn more about his creative approach and how recent lifestyle choices have shaped the album.


Listen to two of our favorite tracks from his new album below:

Chiu Pi – TT
Chiu Pi – X


 邱比 – 铁塔
 邱比 – 没有

On each track of the new album, Chiu assumes the role of four different characters. The characters – which represent personality, logic, emotion, and physicality – are all based on the concepts from the field of psychology, a discipline that he’s been endlessly infatuated with. Chiu is ecstatic about how the album turned out, considering that the concept is something he hasn’t seen done before. But the experimental aspects of SPLENDOR don’t end there; rather than following a conventional songwriting process, his loops and samples were meticulously worked and re-worked based on individual words in the lyrics. This method is meant to emphasize the underlying meanings of his deliberate word choices. As the cherry on top, Chiu enlisted the help of Grammy Award-winning sound engineer Chris Gehringer to master the album.

Being such an ambitious and painstaking endeavor, the production of SPLENDOR ate up most of Chiu’s 2017. But with this new year, he hopes to find a better balance between work and personal life, even entertaining the idea of being in a relationship. Explaining his shifting priorities and outlook, he says, “Without a destination to look forward to, people don’t feel motivated. However, in the past, I thought that walking alone meant getting to my destination faster. Now I’ve realized, much like Frodo being accompanied by Sam in Lord of the Rings, having someone by my side will ultimately help bring me closer to completing my journey.”

《大放》一人分饰四角的演唱方式暗合了心理学所谓人的四部分:本质、理智、情感、身体。这是邱比全新的尝试“全地球上没有一张唱片这样做”,由曾获格莱美的母带工程师Chris Gehringer负责整张专辑的响度处理,这次的环形编曲也并不是简单地去剪接整段完整的演唱,而是依靠一个词一个词的录制重组,去强调邱比对每个中文词语含义的不同理解,这也几乎让他的整个2017都置身在这种禅修般的创作环境中,以至于他的新年愿望是希望可以恋爱,“人总要发愿才会有愿力,以前觉得,一个人会走的比较快,可是如果我有一个伙伴就像山姆跟弗罗多一样,我才能走更远去摧毁魔戒。”

In Chinese mainstream music, listeners have been conditioned to expect songs that focus on generics stories of experiencing heartbreak and finding catharsis. Chiu abandons this clichéd formula in SPLENDOR. Instead, he sings about his own random musings and mundane observations (such as discarded aluminum cans or even his own pillow). “Most people can only enjoy superficial topics,” he says. “But I believe this album will resonate with certain listeners, and through my music, I want them to grow. I want to grow with them.”


His upcoming 18-city Asia tour will be one of the largest Asia tours by a Taiwanese musician in recent years. Acknowledging the long road ahead, Chiu jokingly tells us needs to go and do his voice exercises as our interview comes to a close. The name of the tour, Shang Xia Yi Fang (上下一方), is constructed from dissecting the Chinese characters from the albums SPLENDOR (大放) and Zang Zang (正正). While the nuances of the tour’s name become lost in translation, the main takeaway will be that it’s designed to be an ambivalent phrase; the purposeful ambiguity perfectly embodies Chiu’s own musical style – thoughtfully created yet difficult to define and categorize. 


Website: chiu-pi.portfoliobox.me
Weibo: ~/chiupi
Instagram: @chiu.pi


Contributor: Shou Xing
Images Courtesy of ROKON

网站: chiu-pi.portfoliobox.me
微博: ~/chiupi
Instagram: @chiu.pi


供稿人: Shou Xing

East x West with Bohan Phoenix



For Chinese American rapper Bohan Phoenix, the subject of identity is thematically central to his music. Having spent his formative years in the U.S., the Hubei-born rapper has gained a sharp insight into both cultures that he channels through his bilingual lyrics. Bohan’s music – which often touches on positive, universal messages of love, acceptance, and pride – is a way for him to reconcile his Eastern and Western identities as well as narrow the cultural divide between the two different worlds.

对于美国华裔说唱歌手Bohan Phoenix来说,身份认同是他音乐的核心主题。这位出生于湖北、在美国成长的说唱歌手在美国和亚洲地区越来越受欢迎。他所创作的双语歌词,正是他跨文化成长背景的体现。Bohan的音乐大部分都是在传递爱与接纳、忠于自己等正能量信息,他希望通过自己的音乐来缩小东西方文化的鸿沟,并以此调和自己介于这两种文化间的身份认同。

Take a listen to select tracks from Bohan Phoenix below:

Bohan Phoenix – PRODUCT (prod. Yllis)
Bohan Phoenix – EASTSIDE (prod. Drummy)
 Bohan Phoenix – 3 DAYS IN CHENGDU (prod. Jachary Beats)

下面是Bohan Phoenix的几首精选歌曲:

 Bohan Phoenix – 一摸一样 (prod. Yllis)
Bohan Phoenix – 东边 (prod. Drummy)
 Bohan Phoenix – 回到成都 (prod. Jachary Beats)

This cross-culture pollination has gifted Bohan a versatility and open-mindedness that’s abundantly evident on the JALA EP released earlier this year. From “EASTSIDE,” an AutoTuned R&B song with Bohan singing instead of rapping, to “NO HOOK,” a trapped out collaboration with Chengdu’s Higher Brothers, Bohan’s sound is not only reflective of his cultural influences but also of the diverse musicians who have inspired him over the years, a list that includes the likes of Jay Chou, Eminem, 2Pac, and D’Angelo. The final song of the EP, “3 Days in Chengdu,” introduces listeners to an introspective side of Bohan. Delivering the opening verse completely in Chinese, Bohan speaks of missing his late grandmother and shares an apologetic confession for not finding the time to call his mom more often. But it’s not just the intro, Chinese lyrics throughout the song display a sense of emotional vulnerability that has often been avoided in the Western mainstream hip-hop of recent years. “Being a rapper in America, there are certain things that come with it,” Bohan says. “You have to act or look a certain way and it can’t be compromised all that much. There’s less emphasis on some of the macho parts of Western hip-hop in China. But stereotypes within the genre are starting to change now in the West as well.”

在今年早些时候发布的《加辣》EP中,Bohan借助自己的跨文化背景大玩了一番。从大量Auto-Tune处理的R&B歌曲《东边》,到与成都说唱组合Higher Brothers合作的《NO HOOK》,你能感受到他的音乐受到不同类型的音乐人影响,包括周杰伦、Eminem、2Pac和D’Angelo。而EP的最后一首歌曲《回到成都》,Bohan放慢了节奏。歌曲开头以中文演绎,讲述Bohan对自己已故姥姥的思念,以及对于太少抽时间给母亲打电话的歉意。这段歌词所透露的脆弱情感,在近年来的西方主流嘻哈文化中难得一见。Bohan表示:“美国的说唱歌手,有时候会有一些不言而喻的要求,你的行为和造型似乎都要遵循某种标准,这一点你不能有太多的自由。但中国嘻哈不一样,没有像西方嘻哈中那样非要强调这种男子气概。当然,在现在的西方嘻哈,这种现象也开始改变了。”

With the recent conclusion of his JALA Asia Tour, Bohan has now officially moved back to China, and joining him is his DJ, longtime collaborator, and close friend Allyson Toy. For Bohan, this move was first and foremost about being closer to family. Secondary to that, both him and Allyson want to be involved in China’s music scene, seeing it to be a refreshing change of pace from the oversaturated music scene that left them feeling jaded in New York. “Having the courage to move back to China and experience a different side of things has been a big milestone for me,” Bohan tells us. “Howie Lee has talked to me about the Chinese Dream a lot. I feel like there have always been opportunities for creatives in China, but now there’s a bigger audience. The equivalent of the ‘American Dream’ has always existed here and right now it’s more alive and well than ever. There seems to be more opportunities now in China for young creatives.”

随着JALA在亚洲巡回演出结束,Bohan也正式回归了中国。和他一起搬过来的还有他的DJ,也是他长期合作的好友Allyson Toy。对于Bohan来说,这是一个让他拉近与家人距离的机会。除此之外,他和Allyson都看好这里的前景,可以一同来推动中国音乐的发展。与之前在过度饱和的纽约那种被慢慢淹没的感觉不一样,这里有一种耳目一新的感觉。Bohan告诉我们:“鼓足勇气回到中国,体验不同的世界,这对我来说是人生的一个重要里程碑。Howie Lee(北京的电子音乐制作人/DJ)已经跟我提过很多次‘中国梦’。我以前一直觉得在中国是有机会去发挥创意的,不同的是,现在这里有了更多的观众。‘中国梦’一直存在,但现在它比以往任何时候都更好、更旺盛。现在的中国可能会给年轻创意人才提供更多的机会。”

In a time where much of mainstream rap has become predictable and formulaic, Bohan stands out by being a rapper who can fully and unapologetically be himself, an outspoken third culture kid unafraid of challenging conventional hip-hop archetypes. “It took me a while to get over my fear of not being understood, but then I realized that I could create and didn’t have to just imitate,” he shares.”Now, I understand my music to be a reflection of self. It’s all of my emotions – when I’m happy, when I’m upset, all of my insecurities and my possibilities. My music is me.”

在当今许多主流说唱方式变得过于公式化的时候,Bohan脱颖而出,无所谓地做着真正的自己,一名不怕挑战传统Hip-hop的第三文化小孩(third culture kid)。他说:“我花了很长一段时间来克服自己对于不被理解的恐惧,但后来我发现,我也可以创造,而不只是模仿。现在,我明白到,我的音乐就是自我的写照,是我的情绪,高兴、不高兴、所有的不安全感和可能性。我的音乐就是我。”

If you’re keen to learn more about Bohan’s story, check out the fun animated spot our creative agency made for Beats By Dre featuring him and his crew.

欢迎点击收看我们创意机构为Beats By Dre创作的动画短片,讲述了Bohan Phoenix的故事。



Website: www.lovelovenyc.com
Facebook: ~/bohanphoenix
Instagram: @bohanphoenix
Soundcloud: ~/bohanphoenix
Weibo: ~/bohanphoenix
Xiami: ~/bohanphoenix


Contributor & Photographer: David Yen
Videographer: Ye Zi, Damien Louise
Music: Howie Lee

Special Thanks to Carhartt WIP, The Private Label, Hotbox, Beats by Dre, and Avenue & Son.

网站: www.lovelovenyc.com
脸书: ~/bohanphoenix
Instagram: @bohanphoenix
Soundcloud: ~/bohanphoenix
微博: ~/bohanphoenix
虾米: ~/bohanphoenix


供稿人与图片摄影师: David Yen
视频摄影师: Ye Zi, Damien Louise
视频音乐: Howie Lee
特别鸣谢Carhartt WIP, The Private Label, Hotbox, Beats by Dre, and Avenue & Son.

”Faai Di“ by SYMBIZ



“Faai Di” is a track from the Broken Chinese EP by Berlin-based bass music duo SYMBIZ. The music video for the song was filmed during a two-week journey to Uganda, during which SYMBIZ took part in performances, workshops, and cultural activism in collaboration with In Place of War, a grassroots organization that uses art and culture to empower communities that are suffering from the consequences of conflict and war. The video features SYMBIZ in various locations, dancing along with people that they met along their journey and on the street. According to them, “We were not sure how easy it would be to shoot in Uganda, but it turned out the way it usually does – if you simply do what you want, while being respectful to the place you are visiting, when you are open to getting in touch with people and want to share and communicate, you will have collaborators and supporters everywhere.”

《Faai Di》(粤语“快啲”)是柏林bass音乐组合SYMBIZ的EP《Broken Chinese》中的一首歌。SYMBIZ前往乌干达,在为期两星期的旅途中,拍摄了这首歌的MV。期间,他们携手In Place of War,参与一系列的表演、工作坊及文化行动。In Place of War是一个利用艺术和文化活动,帮助受冲突和战争影响的社区的民间组织。在这个MV中,SYMBIZ出现在不同的地点,与那些他们在旅途和大街上遇到的当地人一起跳舞。SYMBIZ说:“我们一开始也不确定在乌干达拍摄容不容易,但最后我们发现,其实都不困难,只要你是真的去做你想要做的事情,对当地保持尊敬的态度,乐于与当地人接触,乐于分享和沟通,不管去到哪都会有人支持你,和你合作。”

Take a listen below to other tracks from the Broken Chinese EP. The album is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

SYMBIZ – Baak Seon Gaa Gan

SYMBIZ – Ngaan Faa

SYMBIZ – Gaa Do Yat Bui

SYMBIZ – Zi Daan

点击下方链接试听Broken Chinese EP专辑其他曲目,或点击Bandcamp购买整张专辑。

SYMBIZ – 百上加斤


SYMBIZ– 再加一杯


SYMBIZ was originally founded in 2010 by Korean-German brothers and producers Buddysym and Chris, and later joined by MC Zhi. Recently, with Chris largely focused on studio production in the German hip-hop industry, Buddysym and Zhi continue to produce new music and travel the world as a duo. Originally producing music in English, they decided to produce an entirely Cantonese-language bass music EP, influenced in part by MC Zhi’s Chinese-German heritage.

SYMBIZ最初由韩裔德国兄弟和制作人Buddysym和Chris成立于2010年,后来MC Zhi也加入组合。近来,Chris越来越专注于德国嘻哈音乐行业的工作室录音制作,于是Buddysym和MC Zhi继续作为二人组合,周游世界,创作新的音乐。他们最初只创作英文歌曲,后来又决定创作一首全粤语的bass音乐EP,一部分原因是MC Zhi本身是华裔德国人的文化背景。

Talking to us about their creative process behind the Broken Chinese EP, SYMBIZ says, “We had this possibility on our hands to use another language that had a completely different sound potential and was seldom used in this kind of music. We started researching and considering the size, the huge population, and the vast cultural output China has. We were honestly very surprised to find that there was hardly any sort of bass music in Chinese, so why in the world would we not give it a shot? After producing and recording the first track, we realized we were onto something new and interesting, so we decided to dedicate an EP to that idea rather than just a song. Now we are finishing off the second EP and will probably do a third after that.”

SYMBIZ向我们分享了他们创作《Broken Chinese》这张EP背后的故事:“我们之中有人会另一种语言,而这种语言可以呈现出全然不同的声音特色,而且在这类音乐风格中,很少有用这种语言来创作的。所以我们先做了一下调查,结果惊讶地发现,虽然中国有庞大的人口和文化输出,但却几乎没有中文bass音乐。所以,我们就觉得为什么不试一下呢?创作和录制了第一首歌之后, 我们意识到自己发现了一些很有趣的新东西,所以我们决定不仅仅只是创作一首歌,而是将整张EP围绕这种想法来创作。现在,我们已经快完成第二张EP的创作,之后可能就会开始制作第三张。”

Website: symbiz-sound.de
Facebook: ~/symbiz


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao

网站: symbiz-sound.de
Facebook: ~/symbiz


供稿人: George Zhi Zhao

Black Dragon



Released by Beijing-based underground label Do Hits, Black Dragon is the latest EP from Chinese producer Alex Wang . Merging sci-fi and glitch sound fragments with the structure of bass music, the EP is an exploration of the invasive nature of artificial intelligence in relation to humanity. The MV for the EP’s lead single “Thorn,” directed by visual artist Brandon Tay of Singapore’s audiovisual collective and record label Syndicate, takes viewers into a void of darkness through mutations of geometrical space.

《Black Dragon》是制作人Alex Wang的个人最新EP,由北京地下唱片厂牌 Do Hits 发行。这张EP在bass音乐的骨架上填入Glitch/Sci-Fi的声音碎片,隐喻对AI人工智能逐渐渗透人类生活每个角落的思考。主打歌《Thorn》的MV由来自新加坡独立音乐厂牌与视听团体Syndicate的视觉艺术家Brandon Tay导演,以几何空间的千变万化,带领观众坠入虚无的黑暗世界。

According to Wang, “Black Dragon is a self-learning AI, which has gone out of the programmer’s control, so it starts surveilling every action of human beings. It keeps watch on you through your Samsung TV, locates you with CCTV everywhere in the street, spies on your social network, knows whether you like Coca-Cola better or Pepsi, your favorite color, and your bank balance.”

Alex 解释:“Black Dragon是一个可以自我学习的人工智能 ,在一次意外中脱离了程序员的控制后,它开始监控人们的所有行为。他通过三星电视监视你,通过路边的监控定位你的行踪,监控你的社交媒体,了解你喜欢喝可口可乐还是百事、偏好的颜色、你的存款数额、你的所有事情…… ”

Listen below for a few or our favorite tracks from Black Dragon. The full EP is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.

Alex Wang – Ritual

Alex Wang – Play Test

Alex Wang – Black Dragon

Alex Wang – Binary System

我们从《Black Dragon》中精选了几首最喜欢的曲目。完整的EP可于Bandcamp上在线收听和购买。

Alex Wang – Ritual

Alex Wang – Play Test

Alex Wang – Black Dragon

Alex Wang – Binary System

Born in Northeast China and currently based in New York, Wang studied recording art at China’s Central Conservatory of Music, and went on to study computer music composition at the Peabody Institute in the United States. His interest in electronica, hip-hop, trap, and jazz, combined with his formal academic background, adds a strong experimental influence to his music. Wang will be performing in cities across China with Yllis, Meuko Meuko, and Jyun Jyun on the Do Hits Records Exodus Tour from August 25th to September 8th, 2017. See the flyer below for full details.

Alex Wang出生在中国东北黑龙江,现居纽约。在中央音乐学院学习录音后,他又前往美国皮博迪音乐学院攻读了计算机音乐的硕士学位。一直浸淫于Electronica、Hip Hop、Trap、Jazz等曲风,加上他的学术背景,使得他的音乐极具实验性风格。在2017年8月25日至9月8日期间,Alex 将加入Do Hits于的Exodus Tour巡演,携手Yllis、Meuko Meuko 和 Jyun Jyun 在中国多个城市表演。有关详细信息,请参阅下面的传单。

: ~/alexwangt


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
Images and Video Courtesy of Do Hits Records



供稿人: George Zhi Zhao
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Moon Mad

Back in 2011, ChaCha felt her calling to the world of music while studying on an exchange program in Europe. Soon, she began experimenting with the possibilities of the human voice, eventually wielding it as a musical instrument. This approach helped her turn music into something shapeless and fluid, making it a medium that accommodates the ways she expresses herself. The Shanghai-based independent musician’s memories of travel and the mundane moments in her everyday life both make their way into her music in the form of field recordings, which she manipulates using a combination of hardware and software, a process that transforms them into dreamy, collage-like soundscapes. Earlier this summer, under the alter ego of Faded Ghost, she released Moon Mad, an ambitious conceptual debut album that pulls listeners into a dark and atmospheric world filled with shamanistic energy.

Faded Ghost 是独立音乐人ChaCha的一个分身,2011年她在欧洲交流学习期间受到启发,开始了这个以个人音乐实验为目的的项目在这个项目的实验中,她尝试将人声以乐器的方式运用,音乐也不再有固定的形式和表达方式。她偏爱那些从生活和旅行中采集的声音切片,在硬件探索和软件加工中将其重塑,用自己的方式为听众呈现出充满场景感的声音拼贴画。今年夏天,Faded Ghost于上海厂牌SVBKVLT发行了她的新专辑《Moon Mad》,这是一张充斥着仪式感、黑暗氛围的概念专辑。

Listen to select tracks from the new album below:

Faded Ghost – Full Moon Ceremony

Faded Ghost – Lonely Alice

Faded Ghost – Little India


Faded Ghost – Full Moon Ceremony

Faded Ghost – Lonely Alice

Faded Ghost – Little India

Last month, Faded Ghost held a live debut of Moon Mad in Shanghai. The show presented the album as an audiovisual experience to help introduce the sense of space of different dimensions that she’s crafted with sound. During the show, the constant samples of chanting and bells evoked imagery of religious rituals. That, along with the ethereal feel of the rest of the album, turned the performance into a mind-blowing experience that blurred the boundaries of reality and fantasy.

前不久,我们去到Faded Ghost在上海举办的《Moon Mad》首发演出现场,提前领略了新专辑带来的独特视听体验。在这张专辑中,Faded Ghost大量使用了具有空间感的音色设置、充满宗教意味的经文吟咏与钟声。模糊了真实与幻想的界限。

Describing Moon Mad, Faded Ghost says, “The album explores feelings and experiences of the sun and moon at different latitudes around the globe and the collisions of sound, culture, and technology in these regions. Using and reshaping sound samples collected over five years, and observing the connection that language, culture and religion play on the sounds of a location, Moon Mad looks at the power of tidal fluctuations caused by the position of the moon and the effect this has on language, the calendar, art, and mythology, as well as the weather and seasons, and the effect this has on the mood and intrinsic energy of an individual as well as a group.”


Nini Sum of Idlebeats, who was responsible for the cover art of Faded Ghost’s first album, is also the artist behind the cover art of the new release. In addition to the album art, Sum also created eleven additional artworks that accompany every track on the album, which has been compiled and released as a limited-edition risograph zine. Each zine has a unique, non-expiring download code for the Moon Mad album and is meant to replace traditional CDs while still being a tangible vessel for the digital release. This unique collaboration is the result of two highly talented artists who are both working to redefine the role of their artistic mediums and reinvent the possibilities of collaborative projects, resulting in this union of visual arts and music. The Moon Mad zine can be ordered from the IdleBeats website and on the IdleBeats Taobao store.

操刀制作了Faded Ghost首张专辑封面的艺术家Nini Sum,这次也为《Moon Mad》创作了封面及每首作品对应的11幅画作,印制成具有收藏价值的Riso画册限量发售,开创音乐与独立出版的新形式。不同以往的是,这次的专辑并没有实体CD贩售,而是在每本Zine中包含一个独一无二的专辑下载码,这永不过期的链接使欣赏音乐脱离了实体播放器的限制。这个项目也是两名艺术家在多年合作和探索后,对于视觉+音乐跨界发行新媒介的思考及实验之作。现在,你可以通过Idlebeats的网站Idlebeats淘宝店购买《Moon Mad》Zine。

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The recently released track “Fotan Laiki” by Hong Kong-based otaku rapper YoungQueenz enlists the help of FOTAN LAIKI, the subject of the song herself. Widely shared upon its release, the highly unorthodox music video makes use of a raw, DIY approach that defies aesthetic expectations for typical music videos. When asked about how this collaboration came about, YoungQueenz tells us, “We performed at Clockfenflap Festival last year, and Laiki asked me if I could hook it up with free tickets because Clockfenflap is pretty damn expensive – she ended up performing on stage.”

近日,YoungQueenz携手FOTAN LAIKI推出全新MV《火炭丽琪》。这支一反常规制作的MV一上线就被疯狂转发,如果你已经对细腻唯美的MV感到厌倦,那你应该会被这支魔性的视频吸引到。关于这次和FOTAN LAIKI的合作,YoungQueenz这样告诉我们:我在去年的Clockenflap音乐节有演出,没钱的丽琪问我有没有免费门票,Clockenflap的门票真的很贵,最后结果她在台上演出了。

The music video was directed and edited by YoungQueenz but done under the alias of Ozma. From start to finish, the creation process actually took a few months to complete. “We originally wanted to finish everything in a month, but we wanted more people in the video,” he says. “The people we wanted all had work or school so it was hard to set up a time when everyone was free. That’s why it took so long.” Besides Wildstyle Records’ official photographer and videographer Swing, other members of the Wildstyle crew took turns recording footage with a handheld DV camcorder; The unique look of the video can be partially credited to the deliberate use of dated equipment. From Mong Kok to Central, the music video shows YoungQueenz and his otaku squad mob through a trippy, surreal version of Hong Kong, which YoungQueenz created in post production by replacing skies and the urban backdrop of the city with galaxies, psychedelic color, and even scenes from Japanese anime.

这支MV的导演及后期剪辑是OZMA (其实也就是YoungQueenz本人)。拍摄及制作时间前后历经几个月。“MV原定在一个星期内完成,但由于需要大量人肉布景,在香港这个大家要上班上课,时间难约的社会,前后用了几个月才完成拍摄。”除了与Wildstyle Records的御用摄影师Swing的合作之外,这支MV的大量素材是大家轮流用DV机拍摄的,旧式DV机的画面质感也成就了这支MV的独特风格。影片中,YoungQueenz带着朋友们游走在旺角中环等地,并以他丰富的想象力将香港密集楼宇间的天空背景转换成幻彩天空、银河以及他迷恋的日本动漫,营造出迷幻游荡的氛围,这可花费了他大量的时间在影片的后期制作上。

YoungQueenz shared with us these additional fun facts on the making of the “Fotan Laiki” music video:

1. Some people might think that the security at Art Basel was one of the biggest challenges in making the video. Not the case. Even though they kept trying to stop us, we still kept doing our thing. The hard part was that only two of our friends had Art Basel VIP tickets, so the eight of us had to reuse the tickets to get everyone inside. It felt like one of those river crossing puzzles and we wasted a lot of time.

2. In the music video, there was only one frame that I knew I had to keep because it’s worth 500 HKD. It was when Noly was trying to act hip-hop and count money, but one of the bills flew away when we finished shooting. There are consequences when you try to pretend to be hip-hop.

3. There’s a story about someone putting down a pineapple in a museum. The pineapple drew huge crowds that mistook it for a work of art, commenting and taking pictures with it. When we started shooting the video in Art Basel, a lot of people got rowdy with us, thinking that it was an art performance. But when security showed up, their view quickly went from “I’m interacting with an art performance” to “This is a stupid prank.”

关于《火炭丽琪》,YoungQueenz还向我们透露了以下这些Fun Facts

1. 大家一定以为在Art Basel的保安是我们最大的阻滞,其实没有,虽然他们一边挡下我们,我们还是一边继续走着唱。反而由于我们只有两张从朋友借的Art Basel VIP 门票, 我们一行八个人要流轮人带人走入会场,过程很像智力过河游戏,而且很浪费时间。

2. Mv在剪接时有唯一一个镜头我是一定要有的,因为那一镜价值500港元。 那是一个noly 在装嘻哈数钱的镜头 ,拍完后有一张500元不翼而飞。装嘻哈是有报应的。

3. 听过有人在艺术馆放下菠萝,引来大批群众误认展品而驻足评论及拍照的新闻吗?我们开始拍摄时,Art Basel里面的人会跟着我们一起嗨起来,他们以为这是一场艺术表演。直到保安的出现,他们的眼神由欣赏这场“艺术”,变成厌恶这个“捣乱”。 

4. Shout out to YZ, BG8LOCC, and Jay Izaak. They’re actually in the music video. People can try and find them.

5. The Millenium Falcon is also in the video.

6. Fo Tan isn’t just Laiki’s home. It’s also where Wildstyle Records kicked off.

To find out more about Wildstyle Records and YoungQueenz, check out our previous interview here.

4. Shout out to YZ,蛋头和Jay izaak,其实他们在MV?面的,眼睛尖的朋友可以找一下。

5. 千年鹰号也在MV里。

6. 火炭不止是丽琪的家,还是撒野作风Wildstyle Records的发迹地。

想要了解更多,点击这里阅读我们对Wildstyle Records和YoungQueenz的专访。

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Contributor: Ye Zi

Soundcloud: ~/youngqueenz
Instagram: @youngqueenz


供稿人: Ye Zi

“King” by Grades



The music video for London-based musician Grades’ “King” was created by the award-winning Japanese director Taichi Kimura. The video features a young Japanese student with giant pigtails and a highly active imagination. While she is head down, buried with school work, her mind begins to wander from her studies at hand, into a world of make-believe where her school becomes a cartoon battlefield and she plays the role of an adorable heroine.

《King》是居住在英国的日本导演Taichi Kimura为伦敦音乐人Grades制作的音乐录影带。影片中,顶着两个巨大的双丸子的头的日本小学生,突发奇想把学校变成了卡通片里的战场,将自己从沉闷的课业里暂时解救出来,化身正义王子,和故事里的怪兽们展开大战。

From the music video’s storyline, the audience can catch glimpses of Kimura’s own child-like sense of creativity. Growing up, he was infatuated by video games. So, the idea of incorporating video game-like elements into this music video came quite naturally to him; his goal was to make a video with mass appeal. “As a child, I always dreamed of delving into an interactive world where I could defeat the bad guys and become a hero for a day. I assumed that many others have this same dream,” says Kimura. This nostalgia became the starting point for his video, which he thought would stir up memories of simpler times as a child for many viewers.

说起这支MV的故事构想,我们看到了导演Kimura纯真任性的一面。在日本长大的他从小就是一个电子游戏迷,所以就自然想到以游戏作为切入点,去制作一条能串联大众的影片。“我一直有这种幻想,自己成为了游戏世界里头和敌人对战的那个英雄,所以我也假定这个世界上很多人也会和我有同样的想法吧。” 拍摄这支童真的MV,Kimura想带着观众一起回到那个单纯勇敢极具创意的儿童时代。

Kimura had hoped to shoot the video in a traditional school constructed with wood, envisioning a location with warm tones, a location that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hayao Miyazaki film. In the end, they found the ideal filming location in a mountainous area a few hours away from Tokyo. As this school was in such a remote location and situated on a mountainside, it was difficult to transport the entire crew and all of the equipment. But in the end, Kimura felt that the result was truly worth the hassle.


The young star of this music video, Lyka, was discovered by Kimura on YouTube. “Honestly, I usually hate music videos with dancers. But when I randomly came across her on YouTube. I thought that she was absolutely gangster. She was super cute but had such a strong attitude and crazy skills. The video treatment was actually written based on her.”


This being Kimura’s first-ever attempt at adding animated elements into his video, he enlisted the help of animator Rapparu to bring his vision to life. The animation process for Kings was extremely intense, requiring five animators who worked between 15 to 18 hours a day, on rotation, to achieve the final result. Laughing, Kimura says, “During the creation process, I was very harsh. I remember Rapparu called to say that he couldn’t take anymore and wanted to kill himself. I told him that’s fine, but kill yourself after you finish. Since then, he calls me a demon, which is fair play I guess.”


Website: taichikimura.com
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“Same Mistakes” by Seramic



“Same Mistakes” is the latest music video from Seramic for his upcoming EP, I Got You. Beautifully shot in Hong Kong, the music video is a cinematic journey of a couple’s troubled relationship, played out through dance in the neon-lit streets and backalleys of the city.

《Same Mistakes》是 Seramic 最新EP《I Got You》的MV。MV在香港取景拍摄,通过女主角在香港霓虹闪烁的街道和小巷中的舞蹈,讲述了一对情侣在情感上遭遇的困境。

The role of the female protagonist is played by Angela Hang, an accomplished dancer and choreographer, and the founder of Hong Kong’s Studiodanz dance school. According to Seramic, “Our idea was to have the female character gain strength as the film progresses and be joined by dancers who act as guides, coming out of nowhere to help her get back her power and break into dance. The video plays with the audience’s expectations and breaks out of traditional narrative into more of a surreal, dream world.”

MV中的女主角由Angela Hang演绎。她是一位出色的舞蹈家和舞蹈指导, 也是香港Studiodanz 舞蹈学校的创始人。据Seramic自己解释,“我们的概念是展现出女主角在影片中不断获得力量的过程,其他舞蹈演员则扮演着她的向导,在片中陆续出现,与女主角一起跳舞,帮助女主角寻获力量。这部MV颠覆了观众的预期, 打破传统叙事风格,呈现出一个超现实的幻想世界。”

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
Video & Images Courtesy of Seramic

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