Like Father, Like Son




We created a digital campaign for Levi’s featuring singer / songwriter Chen Chusheng and his son.

The campaign helped launch Levi’s new online children’s store on e-commerce platform T-Mall via the promotion of a seasonal line of products designed for father-and-son wear.




Stoli Vodka

Stoli’s Orgnl.TV is a platform that celebrates one-of-a-kind places, people​,​ and experiences across the creative fields of art, music, and fashion. We helped launch Orgnl.TV in China with a series of short films featuring three leading-edge artists: ​art ​collective Momorobo​ (Sally Zou & Morris Lee)​, fashion “​re-designer” Zhang Na, and music producer duo Dead J x Wang Meng.

Stoli Orgnl.TV是一个赞扬来自艺术、音乐和时尚创意领域的独特场所/人和体验的平台。我们为Orgnl.TV进入中国市场打造了一系列的短片,分别讲述了三组创意先锋的艺术家故事:艺术团体Momorobo​ (Sally Zou & Morris Lee)、时装“再造设计师”张娜以及音乐制作二人组Dead J x 王萌。



Art Collective “Momorobo”

In this video, we feature the Shanghai-based art collective Momorobo and its members Sally Zou and Morris Lee. The duo share their creative process and inspirations, while recreating a little piece of the “Momorobo world” in a set-designed white room.

在这条短片中,我们拍摄了上海艺术团体Momorobo及其成员Sally Zou和Morris Lee,他们在一个全白的置景房间重现一块小小的“Momorobo”世界,并借此分享自己的创意过程和灵感来源。



Fashion “Re-Designer” Zhang Na

In this video, we feature Shanghai-based fashion “re-designer” Zhang Na, whose work focuses on using second-hand fabrics and materials to create not only new clothing pieces, but also new memories and emotions.




Dead J x Wang Meng

In this video, we feature renowned Beijing-based electronic musician Dead J and Shanghai-based multi-media artist Wang Meng. The duo regularly collaborate on live ‘music x art’ performances and have been performing together on tours in China and Europe since 2010.

在这条短片中,我们拍摄了知名的北京电子音乐人Dead J和上海多媒体艺术家王萌,他们时常合体创作“音乐x艺术”的现场演出,并于2010年起一起在中国和欧洲多国进行巡演。

ZX Flux Campaign Spots

adidas Originals



We created :30 and :15 second campaign spots for adidas Originals’ ZX Flux collection. The spots tell a visual story of infinite possibilities and limitless future, positioning ZX Flux footwear as the essence of modernity and the modern look.

The spots feature celebrity brand ambassadors Deng Chao, Eason Chan, Wu Yifan, and Fan Bingbing and were leveraged digitally, in-store, and throughout the Beijing / Shanghai / Guangzhou metro. The Metro placement was as a stop-motion execution that interacts with viewers as a result of the train’s forward motion. The video below shows the final result.

我们为adidas Originals的ZX Flux系列创作了30秒版和15秒版的短片。短片一展具有摩登精髓和潮流外观的ZX Flux鞋款的无限可能及无尽未来。




adidas Originals ZX Flux 2016 – Metro Stop-Motion Execution



“Off The Wall” Art Collection




We created a 30 sec and 15 sec video campaign to promote Vans’ Spring 2016 Off The Wall Art Collection.

The tee collection features exclusive designs from nine Asian artists: Panda Mei, Tyakasha, LINWENXIN, Page Payne, Zlism (Zoie Lam), Mina Kwon, Devil丁, 丁几 and Felix勺子.

我们为Vans2016年Off The Wall春季艺术家合作款创作了30秒和15秒动画短片。

该T恤系列的独特设计来自九位亚洲艺术家:梅洹林、塔卡沙、独眼矮子林文心、彭斯 (小六)、Mina Kwon、Zlism (Zoie Lam)、Devil丁、丁几以及Felix勺子。