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Stoli Vodka

Stoli’s Orgnl.TV is a platform that celebrates one-of-a-kind places, people​,​ and experiences across the creative fields of art, music, and fashion. We helped launch Orgnl.TV in China with a series of short films featuring three leading-edge artists: ​art ​collective Momorobo​ (Sally Zou & Morris Lee)​, fashion “​re-designer” Zhang Na, and music producer duo Dead J x Wang Meng.

Stoli Orgnl.TV是一个赞扬来自艺术、音乐和时尚创意领域的独特场所/人和体验的平台。我们为Orgnl.TV进入中国市场打造了一系列的短片,分别讲述了三组创意先锋的艺术家故事:艺术团体Momorobo​ (Sally Zou & Morris Lee)、时装“再造设计师”张娜以及音乐制作二人组Dead J x 王萌。



Art Collective “Momorobo”

In this video, we feature the Shanghai-based art collective Momorobo and its members Sally Zou and Morris Lee. The duo share their creative process and inspirations, while recreating a little piece of the “Momorobo world” in a set-designed white room.

在这条短片中,我们拍摄了上海艺术团体Momorobo及其成员Sally Zou和Morris Lee,他们在一个全白的置景房间重现一块小小的“Momorobo”世界,并借此分享自己的创意过程和灵感来源。



Fashion “Re-Designer” Zhang Na

In this video, we feature Shanghai-based fashion “re-designer” Zhang Na, whose work focuses on using second-hand fabrics and materials to create not only new clothing pieces, but also new memories and emotions.




Dead J x Wang Meng

In this video, we feature renowned Beijing-based electronic musician Dead J and Shanghai-based multi-media artist Wang Meng. The duo regularly collaborate on live ‘music x art’ performances and have been performing together on tours in China and Europe since 2010.

在这条短片中,我们拍摄了知名的北京电子音乐人Dead J和上海多媒体艺术家王萌,他们时常合体创作“音乐x艺术”的现场演出,并于2010年起一起在中国和欧洲多国进行巡演。