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“Off The Wall” Art Collection




We created a 30 sec and 15 sec video campaign to promote Vans’ Spring 2016 Off The Wall Art Collection.

The tee collection features exclusive designs from nine Asian artists: Panda Mei, Tyakasha, LINWENXIN, Page Payne, Zlism (Zoie Lam), Mina Kwon, Devil丁, 丁几 and Felix勺子.

我们为Vans2016年Off The Wall春季艺术家合作款创作了30秒和15秒动画短片。

该T恤系列的独特设计来自九位亚洲艺术家:梅洹林、塔卡沙、独眼矮子林文心、彭斯 (小六)、Mina Kwon、Zlism (Zoie Lam)、Devil丁、丁几以及Felix勺子。



Year of the Horse


To celebrate the Year of the Horse, we created a limited-edition graphic tee for Gap. The tee graphic is a mosaic of an American flag made up of running horses. The tee is available in limited quantities at Gap stores in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan throughout the festival season.