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Make The Invisible, Visible


We created a campaign for ASICSTIGER bringing alive the concept of “Make The Invisible, Visible” (要你显型). The concept focuses on the brand’s seasonal hero product GEL-Lyte V Sanze’s new “visible GEL technology” (featured on the outside of the shoe in a tangible way for the first time in 30 years of the technology’s history).

The campaign storytelling conveys a sense of discovery and exploration required in all that we do in order to uncover what is usually not initially apparent; to go beyond just scratching the surface to “Make The Invisible, Visible” and​ reveal to yourself unlimited possibilities.

For the campaign kick-off, we created a brand film and key visuals featuring celebrity actor and style-maven Ji Lingchen (纪凌尘), as well as a KOL seeding pack shared with key brand collaborators and ambassadors throughout the region.

The campaign was carried online, OOH, and in-stores throughout Greater China.

我们为ASICSTIGER构思了一整套以“要你显型”为主题概念的创意内容,以生动形象的方式将“要你显型”诠释出来。此创意概念聚焦于其明星产品GEL-Lyte V Sanze的全新“GEL可见技术”(这是GEL“凝胶”技术诞生以来首次被直接呈现于鞋跟的外观设计中)。






Campaign Hero Footwear

Seeding Pack