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On the Road


For Hilton HHonors we created a video series titled “出差在外, 忙里偷闲” – which means to find time for leisure when traveling on business. The concept for the series is an extension of HiltonHHonors core offering to guests and members: 1) to remind everyone how important it is to reward ourselves for our hard work, and 2) to help everyone make the very most of the little free time they have while traveling on business.

The series features well-known China TV personality and presenter Bai Xuxu (柏栩栩) as he travels on business throughout different cities in Asia. The episodes were shot in Seoul and Shanghai while showing Xuxu during a few hours of down time between and after meetings enjoying a variety of off-the-beaten-path entertainment, eating, shopping, and cultural options nearby the city’s three Hilton properties.

我们为希尔顿荣誉客会创作了“出差在外, 忙里偷闲”短片系列 — 让商务人士在出差工作之余寻找一丝旅行的趣味。该主题系列对希尔顿荣誉客会会员的意义:1)提醒每一个人应该对自己的努力奋斗做犒赏,2)帮助每一个人充实他们在商务之旅中的空闲时间。


On the Road – Seoul



On the Road – Shanghai