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Gou Pengyou

Airbnb x Eddie Peng

We collaborated with Airbnb to help create a “Night At” campaign featuring A-list actor-turned-Airbnb-host Eddie Peng titled Gou Pengyou / 够彭友. The tagline is a fun play on words with Eddie’s surname (彭) and the word for friend (朋友) in Chinese, meaning roughly, “Eddie’s got you covered, like a good friend.”

The campaign brought together four lucky winners for am epic get-away weekend stay at Eddie’s very own Airbnb listing in Shanghai. Like all Airbnb hosts, Eddie curated a magical experience for his guests, sharing his personal, off-the-beaten-track tips and recommendations about how best to enjoy his neighborhood and the city. Eddie even surprised his guests a few times throughout the weekend to show them around town.

The weekend was filled with great fun, big laughs, and even some tears as Eddie and his new friends got to know each other. Check out the campaign film to see how it all went down.

“Gou Pengyou” was a collaboration between Airbnb’s internal art & design team, Neocha (creative storytelling / content creation). Pure (event planning / execution), and Beamy.




“够彭友”是由Airbnb内部美术和设计团队,Neocha(故事创意 / 内容制作),Pure(活动策划 / 执行)以及Beamy联合完成。

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