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Move To Your Own Rhythm


In support of Lycra’s presence at the Yo’Hood fashion tradeshow in Shanghai, we developed a fun, interactive H5 game that showcases the brand’s cutting-edge fabric technology and product materials.

The H5 game was aligned with the brand’s tradeshow tagline of “Move to Your Own Rhythm.” Game players were tasked with creating their own pop band complete with unique songs and dance routines via intuitive inputs for movement, sound, beats, vocals, and even apparel / styling details.

The pop-band characters were playfully (and unexpectedly) reimagined and modernized as classic Roman sculptures. The statues are stiff and stationary, but once outfitted in Lycra apparel, they come alive and “get moving to their own rhythm.”

In-game controls allow players to customize their pop group as they see fit. The controls trigger musical and outfit changes: jeans, leggings, sporty tops, and swimwear come on and off in tandem with the addition and subtraction of musical elements. Once the player is happy with how everything looks and sounds, the game generates a sharable poster summarizing their personality based on their in-game choices. Tapping the band members on the final poster also opens product pages where players / friends can easily shop their favorite outfits.

The playfulness and whimsical humor of the game’s design, animation, and music all come together to showcase the distinctive brand spirit of Lycra.

In addition to the H5 game, we also developed the on-screen content inside Lycra’s Yo’Hood booth, which linked brand videos with the Roman stature character motif and our H5 game.


该H5小游戏基于莱卡品牌 “动静自由,弹力无限” 的品牌宣言,玩家通过不同按键选择不同的音效及舞姿组成一个自己的阿卡贝拉乐团,在游戏过程中,玩家根据游戏中的提示完成动作,音效,服装风格的选择,从而制作出一个歌舞同步的天团。

阿卡贝拉乐团里的人物形象均出自罗马雕塑原型,通过创意的重新构想让其以自由灵动的方式呈现。这些原本生硬僵直的雕像一旦穿上了运用莱卡纤维技术的现代服装,便会轻盈舞蹈,与 “动静自由,弹力无限” 的主题完美契合。




“Move To Your Own Rhythm” H5 Game



YoHood Booth



YoHood Booth On-Screen Content