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An Icon Reinterpreted

adidas Originals

To help relaunch adidas Originals’ iconic Gazelle sneaker for a new generation of cultural influencers around the world, we created a series of collage-inspired key visuals that re-imagined the classic sneaker silhouette.

For the campaign, we collaborated with 10 leading-edge artists from across China to celebrate the spirit of Adidas Originals and redefine boundaries with its retro bestseller. Participating artists included Ke Sai, Liu Peiyang and Zhang Dong from Beijing; Wan Qiao, Yuan Gungun, Sui Yao, and Yue Yi from Shanghai; Mo Houqie and Kean from Guangzhou; and Hu Qian from Chengdu.

The key visuals were leveraged commercially in digital media and retail environments in Greater China.

为配合adidas Originals复古鞋款Gazelle复刻系列的上市宣传活动进行创意造势,我们通过数码拼贴的手法对该系列的经典鞋型主视觉进行二次创作。



Sui Yao / Shanghai

Le Yi / Shanghai

Mo Houqie / Guangzhou

Kean / Guangzhou

Yuan Gungun / Shanghai

Ke Sai / Shanghai

Liu Paiyang / Beijing

Wan Qiao / Beijing

Zhang Dong / Beijing

Hu Qian / Chengdu