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镜头 要态度显型


As an extension of the “要你显型” campaign we created for ASICSTIGER, we continued the theme with monthly story focused on photography. “镜头 要态度显型” explores how we reveal new things about ourselves, others, and the world around us through a now-almost-ubiquitous creative tool: a camera.

To bring the campaign alive, we collaborated with two established photographers in Asia whose work pushes boundaries of the medium in fun and unique ways: Taipei-based Sean Marc Lee and Shenzhen-based UC Chow. Sean’s work focuses mainly on people, particularly young people and youth culture. UC’s work focuses on street culture with urban architecture and epic cityscapes.

SANZE Glitch Knit was the featured footwear for the campaign. With design details in the product inspired by glitch imagery, the visual treatment for the campaign content followed suite with cyberpunk-y, digital art vibes throughout.

继我们为ASICSTIGER创作了“要你显型”主题的创意内容后,作为该主题的延伸,我们进一步构思了一整套聚焦摄影主题的月度故事。在相机已经无处不在的今天,“镜头 要态度显型”探索了我们如何通过相机这个创意工具来发现自身,他人及我们周遭世界的新意,并使之“显型”的故事。

为了生动地展开这一主题,我们同活跃于亚洲的两位摄影师开展了合作,其作品均以有趣独特的方式拓展着媒介的边界。他们是:坐标台北的Sean Marc Lee,和坐标深圳的UC Chow。Sean的作品以拍摄人物尤其是年轻人为中心。UC以擅长拍摄城市之景与建筑结构而为人所知。

SANZE Glitch Knit是该月度的明星产品,其产品设计灵感来自于‘glitch’数码波纹这一视觉意向。基于这个设计概念,我们在构思创作内容时将一种赛伯朋克,数码艺术的风格贯穿于整体的视觉处理之中。

UC CHOW / 镜头 要态度显型

UC Chow is known for his epic cityscape and architectural photography. Driven by his curiosity and sense of adventure, we tell the story of a young, intrepid urban photographer who loves discovering the unknown and exploring the hidden in his home town of Shenzhen — a massive urban playground especially suited to his penchant. The story shows how UC expresses himself through photography, and how his lens allows him to make the most of his passions.

UC Chow以擅长拍摄壮观的城市之景与精妙的建筑结构而为人所熟知。出于自身强大的好奇心和冒险精神,UC以一个年轻豪勇的城市摄影师身份不断行走于自己所生活城市的每一个隐秘角落并乐在其中。而他所生活的城市—深圳,仿佛就是一个二十四小时不间断营业的城市建筑游乐场,这也正是UC的玩乐场。通过UC我们讲述了一个如何透过摄影表达自我的故事,以及UC如何用镜头最大程度地释放自己激情的故事。





Sean Marc Lee / 镜头 要态度显型

Sean’s work is known for its intimate look into his subjects’ real selves. His photos have a sense of “forever young”, whimsical fun, and wild freedom without the subjects’ taking themselves too seriously. His unexpected and spontaneous style helps him discover and reveal youth culture in a unique, authentic way. The story provides audiences an embedded look at a shoot with Sean and his friends hanging out, having fun, being quirky, being creative, and just making pictures for the sake of making pictures.






Campaign Hero Footwear

Celebrating 60 Years




We created an animated spot for Lycra’s 60 year anniversary. The piece tells the story of monumental milestones and leading-edge innovation in fiber technology throughout the brand’s history, tracing back to the birth of Fiber K in 1958.