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Free Run +2 City Pack – Shanghai




Five cities are represented in the release of Nike Running’s Free Run +2 CITY PACK: New York City, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Shanghai. The different colorways are based on iconic colors from the respective cities. Deep burgundy represents the tiled rooftops of traditional architecture dotting the Shanghai skyline; pine green captures Rio de Janeiro’s grit and flair; anthracite’s starkness is quintessentially New York; black channels Tokyo street style; while London’s version arrives in a gentlemanly khaki.

For the Shanghai release, we created a video featuring a night run by two local athletes whose routes take them through the juxtaposed ‘old vs. new’ dichotomy that makes up modern Shanghai. We present the video in black and white, with a color desaturation effect to bring out the deep burgundy colorway of the Shanghai edition shoes. We intercut GPS map-tracer motion graphics that track the runners as they make their way through the city, crisscrossing each other and finally ending their run at the South Bund riverfront.

Nike跑步系列发布了以这5个代表地:纽约、伦敦、东京、里约热内卢和上海为主题的Free Run +2 城市系列。配色上更是融入了每个城市的地方特色。深酒红色代表的上海,松绿色象征着里约热内卢,煤灰色代表美国纽约,黑色代表具有街头风格的东京;而代表着绅士的卡其色则是英国伦敦。


Nike Free Run +2 City Pack: Shanghai, New York, London, Rio De Janeiro, & Tokyo

Nike Free Run +2 City Pack: Shanghai

Summer Nights


We created a series of key visual graphics for Nike Basketball’s China “SUMMER NIGHTS” basketball party tour. For each of the graphics, we collaborated with local artists to capture a feeling of summer together with the unique local basketball cultures of each key event city: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Taipei. The graphics were used on promotional posters / materials, event wrappings / props / billboards, t-shirts, etc. Participating artists include: Momorobo (Shanghai), Ca Zhuxi (Beijing), Tanse (Guangzhou), Xiao Duzi (Chengdu), and Tian Jia (Taipei).


Shanghai / Momorobo

Beijing / Ca Zhuxi

Chengdu / Xiao Duzi

Guangzhou / Tanse

Taipei / Tian Jia