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Lane Crawford



We were commissioned to participate in Lane Crawford’s “Modern Expressions” (of Shanghai) exhibition. Our piece for the exhibition is a visual celebration of the dynamic colors and lights that embody the spirit of the city. Our “Modern Expression,” titled “R/G/B/Shanghai” comes via a three window video-art and light-sculpture installation that breaks down into the building blocks of digital light and color: red, green, and blue. Each window is cast separately with impressions of Shanghai’s reds, greens, and blues.

我们受连卡佛委托参与了其上海店铺的“Modern Expressions”橱窗展的陈列设计工作 。 此次陈列作品以象征这座城市精神的明亮色彩加以灯效点缀呈现出一场完美的视觉盛宴。我们将“Modern Expressions”作品命名为“红 / 绿 / 蓝 / 上海”,在三个橱窗中分别以红、绿、蓝三色灯光配以艺术视频及光雕装置组成。每个橱窗分别对应上海的红、绿、蓝印象主题。

Through these colorized lenses, the video installations explore elements essential to our appreciation and understanding of Shanghai. Through red, we see traditional Shanghai’s heritage, culture, and old-world elements. Through green, we see the organic and natural elements of Shanghai. Through blue, we see the modern and futuristic elements of Shanghai – the gleaming metropolis of man-made ambition.

通过这些彩色画面带你一探我们对上海这座城市的了解与喜爱。经由红色传递着上海传统文化的继承和复古的元素;经由绿色传递出上海鲜活而自然的元素;经由蓝色传递出上海摩登和未来感的元素—— 野心勃勃的浮生都市会。

These three windows, these three colors, these three elements are intercut in the video art together with imagery of the element most crucial to any expression of a city: its people.


Together with red, green, blue lighting, the window spaces themselves are outfitted with light sculptures made of reflective materials. The elements of Shanghai presented in the video art content are further magnified and abstracted by their sculpted surroundings. Using light, mirrors, and kaleidoscopic animations, each window engages viewers in dazzling micro and macro renditions of Shanghai.