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House of Vans




We created an animated spot to promote Vans’ annual House of Vans summer event series in Asia. House of Vans is a traveling hub of culture, creativity, and sport in which Vans celebrates its main brand pillars: music, art, skate. House of Vans made stops in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Seoul, and presented a variety of creative workshops (painting, photography, screen printing, etc.), exhibitions, live musical performances, skate opportunities, and raucous partying – a real good time for everyone involved.

For the spot, we collaborated with Chengdu-based illustrator Panda Mei to bring to life his line art in a fun way that tells the House of Vans story. The content was used online, in-stores, and at the House of Vans events throughout Asia.

我们为Vans品牌的House of Vans年度亚洲区夏季活动做了一系列的宣传短片。House of Vans是一场以文化、创意和运动为主题的巡回活动,通过该活动来颂扬品牌的三大核心内容:音乐、艺术和滑板文化。House of Vans此次巡回历经上海、广州、香港和首尔站,呈现了多元化的创意工作坊(绘画、摄影、丝网印刷等)、展览、现场音乐演出、滑板表演以及躁动派对,这绝对是一场众人参与的美妙盛宴。

此次,我们和成都插画师梅洹林(Panda Mei)合作,以一个有趣的方式将他的线条艺术融入在House of Vans的故事中。该片用于网络、品牌门店以及House of Vans亚洲区的活动现场。