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To support the release of the newest addition to adidas Athletics’ high-end luxe outerwear line, Z.N.E, we explored the brand’s 90/10 concept (90% mental focus, 10% everything else) in a short film series.

The films feature Ningze Tao, a gold medal winner and Olympian swimmer; Hui Ruqi, the captain of the China women’s national volleyball team; Eddie Peng, a renowned actor and fitness buff; and Janine Chang, a celebrated actress and running enthusiast.

The series looks at how to deal with everyday distractions in order to find complete focus in preparing for our next endeavor (on or off the field).

Using premium fabrics suitable for both spring and summer, the new Z.N.E. jacket is designed with pre-game comfort in mind. Inside the hood, a sewn mantra reminds athletes to maintain a constant state of focus.




新款Z.N.E 90/10连帽外套采用适合春夏穿着的高端舒适面料,为轻松备战而设计。更在连帽内侧植入专注箴言以激励运动员保持专注状态。