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Girls in the Park




We created a national TV and print campaign in Greater China for Coca Cola’s new Schweppes +C brand. The television commercial tells the story of a group of girls hanging out in the park. The girls, with the help of their adorable dog “Schweppy,” are up to no good in treating a handsome jogger to an unexpected surprise. But it’s not the girls who get the last laugh.

This work is inspired by and a continuation of Coca Cola’s creative tradition of “Hunk” storytelling. We worked with Vaughn Arnell and Stink (Shanghai) to direct and produce the film, respectively.

The key visuals were shot by agency creative director Adam Schokora and leveraged throughout greater China in print, digital, POS, and OOH media.

我们为可口可乐旗下的全新怡泉+C品牌创作了一支电视广告及其平面视觉形象。该广告片描述了一群女孩在公园野餐时的故事。这些女孩在她们可爱的狗狗 “Schweppy” 的帮助下去试探一个正在锻炼的帅气慢跑男孩,想要给他制造一场意外惊喜。然而笑到最后的并不是这群女孩。

该作品的灵感来源依旧沿袭了可口可乐式的创意惯例“肌肉型男”的故事类型。我们和导演Vaughn Arnell以及玩味广告(上海)有限公司联合制作了该片。

品牌主视觉由本机构创意总监Adam Schokora掌镜,被广泛用于大中华区平面媒体、网络、品牌门店以及户外媒体上。

Print Campaign

“Sleek Can” Print Campaign


We created a print campaign for Coca Cola’s Schweppes +C product. The campaign was designed to communicate the launch of +C’s sleek can packaging and also promote the full portfolio of Coca Cola sleek can products in Greater China.

Campaign photography was shot by agency creative director Adam J. Schokora.


该平面广告由本机构创意总监Adam J. Schokora掌镜。