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新年,认识 “新” 女性




Chinese New Year is a season ripe with possibilities and perspectives. We celebrated these with a campaign for ESPRIT featuring actress Zhou Dongyu that showcases a new generation of women and a new concept of femininity in China (“新“ 女性).

ESPRIT & Zhou Dongyu work together to champion “新“ 女性, a movement inspiring women to pursue their purpose, passion, and lifestyle with confidence, regardless of what’s expected of them.

The campaign was promoted via a collaboration with video platform Douyin(known for its fun dance skits), where target consumers were engaged to share short clips about how they are redefining themselves and empowering their “new woman” in the new year (dance moves optional, but encouraged!)

We also created a print campaign of seasonal looks with Zhou Dongyu.

更多可能和更新的视角随着中国新年的到来而展开。我们借此为ESPRIT创作一组由演员周冬雨诠释新时代女性的名为“新“ 女性的宣传内容。


在该宣传内容期间,我们通过以分享有趣舞蹈而著称的短视频软件平台 – “抖音”进行视频内容的投放合作,呼吁消费者分享她们在新的一年想要成为哪种“新”女性的故事及美好夙愿。

我们也同时为品牌合作艺人- 周冬雨创作了一组当季产品的宣传平面广告。

Courage, Strength, & Honor


In celebration of the Year of the Rooster, we developed an innovative HTML 5 WeChat game for Converse that incorporated the seasonal campaign’s core storytelling values: Courage, Strength, and Honor.

In the game, players actions help the Rooster King successfully navigate three different worlds to win back stolen feathers representing Courage, Strength, and Honor. The game content employs live-shot characters, origami paper-mache, and stop-motion animation to create surreal visual worlds for players to traverse in under two minutes while competing with friends to win a secret “fortune.” Styling of characters was done with seasonal Chinese New Year apparel line.

The overall game design showcases our ability to imagine and deliver an immersive world in which a target consumer engages in a memorable, seasonally-relevant brand experience.




HTML5 Game



Year of the Rooster




To celebrate Chinese New Year, we created a fun animation for Airbnb telling the story of Ralphy, a wanderlust-filled traveling Rooster making his way around the world.

In the Year of the Rooster, Ralphy reminds us to meet someone new at the foot of Mt. Fuji; or connect with old friends in Koh Tao; or perhaps even celebrate with a family reunion in Paris. Wherever your travels take you this lunar new year, we hope the experiences along the way warm your heart with love and sharing. Happy Chinese New Year.

The piece was created by hand in a live, multi-layered environment with frame-by-frame stop-motion animation of laser cut elements. Check out the making-of video and photos to learn more about the process and technique.