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Abercrombie & Fitch



We created a campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch titled FACE YOUR FIERCE, featuring Chinese pop star and motorcycle racer Wang Yibo.

Outside influences, others’ opinions, societal labels—none of these are reasons not to live life to the fullest. Being young means taking risks and chasing dreams, but too many young people today faced with a challenge or trying something new are paralyzed by fear. They second-guess themselves and don’t realize what they’re capable of.

Others, like Wang Yibo, know that the future belongs to the fierce and fearless. He’s at the top of his game in music and motorcycle racing, but he isn’t afraid of stepping into unfamiliar terrain, like skateboarding. He may be a novice, but he doesn’t let that stop him, and after every scrape and spill, Yibo just dusts himself off and tries again. He tunes out the naysayers telling him to stick to what he knows, because for him, the challenge is the allure. Failure is just a pitstop on the road to success. His story inspires young people to be to their fullest selves and tap into their fierceness as a way to overcome self-doubt, try new things, and ignore the critics.

The campaign ran in nationwide online / offline media, retail outlets, e-commerce platforms, and select brand events.

“天生无束”是我们为 Abercrombie & Fitch 创设的广告案例,由中国流行歌星和摩托手王一博代言。




Campaign Teaser




Key Visuals

新年,认识 “新” 女性




Chinese New Year is a season ripe with possibilities and perspectives. We celebrated these with a campaign for ESPRIT featuring actress Zhou Dongyu that showcases a new generation of women and a new concept of femininity in China (“新“ 女性).

ESPRIT & Zhou Dongyu work together to champion “新“ 女性, a movement inspiring women to pursue their purpose, passion, and lifestyle with confidence, regardless of what’s expected of them.

The campaign was promoted via a collaboration with video platform Douyin(known for its fun dance skits), where target consumers were engaged to share short clips about how they are redefining themselves and empowering their “new woman” in the new year (dance moves optional, but encouraged!)

We also created a print campaign of seasonal looks with Zhou Dongyu.

更多可能和更新的视角随着中国新年的到来而展开。我们借此为ESPRIT创作一组由演员周冬雨诠释新时代女性的名为“新“ 女性的宣传内容。


在该宣传内容期间,我们通过以分享有趣舞蹈而著称的短视频软件平台 – “抖音”进行视频内容的投放合作,呼吁消费者分享她们在新的一年想要成为哪种“新”女性的故事及美好夙愿。

我们也同时为品牌合作艺人- 周冬雨创作了一组当季产品的宣传平面广告。

Seasonal Campaign




For China’s annual shopping holiday (November 11), we created a seasonal campaign for ESPRIT featuring supermodel and “IT Girl” You Tianyi. Like ESPRIT, You Tianyi is all about positive vibes, having a good time, and of dancing like nobody is looking. In the same spirit, we developed lighthearted, carefree storytelling that was captured in a playful lookbook video coupled with a series of fun still images showcasing key seasonal looks. The campaign ran via social media and on the brand’s T-Mall online store, helping to drive record sales during the sales period.

我们为ESPRIT品牌在中国双十一购物狂欢节期间的线上活动创作了一条产品系列广告,此次广告邀请了超模 / “IT Girl”游天翼合作。游天翼用轻快肆意的舞步带给人积极欢乐的氛围,这正与ESPRIT的品牌精神如出一辙。基于同样的精髓,我们以轻松愉悦的方式呈现一份趣味十足的产品目录宣传片以及一系列展示季度主打产品的平面硬广。该广告被广泛运用于社交媒体及品牌天猫官店,为其在购物节期间引领销量。

10 Year China Anniversary





“Vogue: Beyond Beauty” featuring Sasha Pivovarova

To help celebrate Vogue’s 10th anniversary in China, we collaborated with super models Anja Rubik and Sasha Pivovarova to create two short films that accompanied renowned fashion photographer Chen Man’s cover story for Vogue’s February 2016 issue. The issue, titled “Beyond Beauty (美, 不至于貌)”, is dedicated to showcasing strong, independent women who live and love fashion, but who also have meaningful side projects beyond glamour.

The films tell the story of Anja and Sasha’s effortless beauty in front of the camera, but also of their other talents off the runway: Sasha, being an experienced visual artist with her paintings and illustrations, and Anja, being a budding literary star with her writing and publishing work.

The films were shot in Shanghai at The Peninsula Hotel, with hair by Bill Watson, makeup by Daniel Zhang, and styling by Candy Lee.

为庆祝Vogue中文版上市10周年,我们在知名时尚摄影师陈漫为Vogue 2016年二月刊拍摄超模Anja Rubik和Sasha Pivovarova的封面故事时与2位超模合作完成了两支视频短片。这一期取名“美, 不至于貌”,是为了展现喜爱并活在时尚中的女性,坚强独立的迷人魅力以及深层内涵。


短片拍摄于上海半岛酒店,发型师:Bill Watson,化妆师:Daniel Zhang,造型师:Candy Lee。




“Vogue: Beyond Beauty” featuring Anja Rubik

Vogue – 10 Year China Anniversary “Beyond Beauty” Cover Story, by Chen Man

Geometric Fusion / Fashion Evolution

Lane Crawford



Lane Crawford engaged us to create an innovative and engaging retail window installation at its flagship Shanghai store along bustling Huaihai Rd.

Geometric shapes are the inspiration behind this series of window installations and sculptures, titled Geometric Fusion / Fashion Evolution (时尚演化). Within the forms of rectangle, circle, triangle, and diamond, we remix and fuse four artists’ styles with Lane Crawford’s iconic products.

The installation concept aims to break the boundaries of design across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle; helping viewers discover a new world of style.


这组主题为Geometric Fusion / Fashion Evolution (时尚演化)的橱窗装置和雕塑以几何形态元素为创意灵感,融入长方形,圆形,三角形和菱形等多种造型,我们将四位艺术家的独特风格与连卡佛的标志性商品相结合,制作了一组生动的橱窗装置。

此橱窗的设计概念旨在打破时装,美容和生活方式之间的界限; 让观者发掘一个新的感官盛宴。

Circle: A Spacetime Odyssey (星际漫游), Winnie Chi 

Inspired by the work of digital artist Ryoji Ikeda, this installation’s theme is based on the spherical and infinite vastness of the cosmos, incorporating Lane Crawford products into a pop-art style treatment.

受艺术家Ryoji Ikeda的数码作品启发,该橱窗的设计主题基于探索浩瀚无尽的宇宙,将连卡佛的商品置放于具有波普风格的装置设计中。

Diamond: Crystal Force (能量水晶), Sonic Yuan

This installation uses a crystal diamond shape to display an assorted selection of Lane Crawford products. These elements are shown emerging from the diamonds in the style of a chemical reaction.


Rectangle: Art of Life (艺术日常), Shadow Chen

This installation visualizes the connection between a selection of Lane Crawford products and the everyday lives of people who use these products. The square shape represents the interdependant and paraellel natures of an object and its user.


Triangle: Nomadic, Sui Yao

Inspired by Alexander Calder’s three-dimensional line drawings, this installation uses Lane Crawford products, including shoes, sweaters, and hoodies, to express the elegance and beauty of visual balance within triangular shapes.

受到Alexander Calder 的立体线条画启发,该装置设计使用了连卡佛商场所售卖的鞋履、毛衣和帽衫,并以此来表达三角式的视觉平衡美。

Season Collection Lookbook


We created bold, colorful lookbook imagery for D:Fuse to showcase the brand’s 2015 Spring / Summer high-heel collection. The images were shot by agency founder and creative director Adam Schokora, and feature model, actress, fashion blogger Edie Tao. In addition, we created a fun behind-the scenes / making-of-film capturing the shoot.

我们为D:Fuse2015春夏高跟鞋系列创作了一套前卫且色彩鲜亮的图片lookbook。该系列由时尚博主兼个性模特的桃巫奇出镜,由本机构的创始人兼创意总监的Adam Schokora亲自掌镜。另外,我们也制作了一条精短的幕后花絮短片。

Behind the Scenes



Seasonal Collection

Comme Moi



For Chinese supermodel Luyan’s fashion label Comme Moi, we created a video lookbook / fashion film showcasing the brand’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection. The video was shot on location in Los Angeles.

我们为中国超模吕燕所创立的设计师品牌Comme Moi“似我”拍摄了一条lookbook /  时尚短片来展示该品牌2015春夏系列产品。该片拍摄于美国洛杉矶。

Seasonal Collection

Helen Lee



We created a fun, psychedelic video cookbook / fashion film for Shanghai-based fashion label HELEN LEE’S. The video showcases the brand’s 2014 fall / winter collection.

我们为上海本土设计师服装品牌HELEN LEE创作了一条有趣的迷幻风格lookbook / 时尚短片,影片展示了该品牌2014年的秋冬系列。

Poolside Beauty




We created a national television and print campaign in Greater China for Coca Cola’s new Schweppes +C brand. The television commercial tells the story of a hunk at the pool who thinks it’s his lucky day with a poolside beauty. However, in the end, the hunk learns he’s not what she is really after. The film was directed by Vaughan Arnell and produced by Stink (Shanghai).

The key visuals were shot by Adam Pretty / produced by Central Studios, and leveraged throughout Greater China in print, digital, POS, and OOH media.

我们为可口可乐旗下的怡泉+C品牌在大中华地区创作了电视广告及平面广告。在电视广告中我们讲述的是一个肌肉男在夏日泳池边的美好邂逅故事。但在故事的最终,他才发现自己并不是她的菜。该广告由Vaughan Arnell导演执导,Stink (上海) 制作。

平面广告被用于大中华地区的平媒、网络、经销商网点及户外,它由Adam Pretty拍摄,奂镜Studio制作。