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Toy Story 4




In support of Toy Story 4’s China release, we designed a fun, interactive WeChat H5 game themed around a road trip, similar to the movie plot.

To build hype ahead of the release, the game features five characters from the film. The game begins with players choosing a character that best fits them. On the ‘character selection’ screen, descriptions of each toy’s personality and motives give fans a sneak peak of what to expect from the forthcoming movie. After choosing a character, players can then share a character poster on their WeChat circle and invite friends to help assemble a full five-person team. Players can also accept a friend’s invitation to join an existing team.

Those who’ve successfully assembled full five-person teams were entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Toy Story-themed vacation getaway.







Aside from the H5 game, we also designed a stop-motion with stuffed-toy versions of the film’s main characters, working alongside renowned Chinese TV host He Jiong to create a Mandarin-language cover of the film’s theme song. The Chinese lyrics—written with the graduation season in mind—are a celebration of enduring friendships that are able to stand the test of time and distance after college.


Cinema Release Calendar


To support Disney’s 2019 cinema releases, we designed and produced a year-long calendar featuring characters, release dates, and movie synopses for the years’ upcoming films.

The characters and calendar months can be broken off into standalone cutout elements. The calendar comes with a wooden stand on which fans can assemble and arrange the elements into a fun, interactive table-top display.

The calendar was distributed to China-market KOLs / influencers, super fans, and other Disney partners / friends.




Artist Tee Collection


We ​created a ​collections of custom graphic tees for The Disney Store (China)​. We collaborated with 11 leading-edge Chinese artists and designers ​to ​re-imagining classic Disney characters​ for the collection. Artists featured in the collection include: Sally Zou, Calvin Ho, Jaye Kang, Hua Tunan, Nod Young, Wang2Mu, Left, Lulu, Spoony, Hong Hua and Mei Lin.

我们为中国迪士尼商店创作了定制图案T恤系列。为此我们与11位中国先锋艺术家及设计师合作以迪士尼人物为原型进行再创作。参与此次合作的艺术家包括:Sally Zou, Calvin Ho, Jaye Kang, 画图男, Nod Young, 王二木, Left, Lulu, Spoony, Hong Hua以及Mei Lin.

Donald Duck / Sally Zou

Maleficent / Calvin Ho

Evil Queen / Jaye Kang

Mickey Mouse / Hua Tunan

Goofy / Nod Young

Mickey Mouse / Wang2Mu

Tinkerbell / Left

Mickey Mouse / Lulu

Buzz Lightyear / Spoony

Minnie & Mickey Mouse / Hong Hua

Snow White / Mei Lin