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Mobile Pop-up Store

adidas Originals



For adidas Originals’ “This Is Me” campaign in China, we created a mobile pop-up store in a customized bus. The bus featured interactive consumer experiences, multimedia displays, product showcases / give-aways, and other key communications content throughout.

The mobile pop-up store went on a 5 week, 9-city China roadshow before arriving in Shanghai for activities culminating in the campaign’s grand finale party.

我们为adidas Originals在中国大陆区的“This Is Me”活动中打造了一辆移动巴士车pop-up店铺,并为其设计了整体视觉及内饰结构。巴士内部设置了多个与消费者互动的装置、多媒体展示、商品/赠品陈列,品牌的主视觉信息也被巧妙的设计在车内装饰中。