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10 Year China Anniversary





“Vogue: Beyond Beauty” featuring Sasha Pivovarova

To help celebrate Vogue’s 10th anniversary in China, we collaborated with super models Anja Rubik and Sasha Pivovarova to create two short films that accompanied renowned fashion photographer Chen Man’s cover story for Vogue’s February 2016 issue. The issue, titled “Beyond Beauty (美, 不至于貌)”, is dedicated to showcasing strong, independent women who live and love fashion, but who also have meaningful side projects beyond glamour.

The films tell the story of Anja and Sasha’s effortless beauty in front of the camera, but also of their other talents off the runway: Sasha, being an experienced visual artist with her paintings and illustrations, and Anja, being a budding literary star with her writing and publishing work.

The films were shot in Shanghai at The Peninsula Hotel, with hair by Bill Watson, makeup by Daniel Zhang, and styling by Candy Lee.

为庆祝Vogue中文版上市10周年,我们在知名时尚摄影师陈漫为Vogue 2016年二月刊拍摄超模Anja Rubik和Sasha Pivovarova的封面故事时与2位超模合作完成了两支视频短片。这一期取名“美, 不至于貌”,是为了展现喜爱并活在时尚中的女性,坚强独立的迷人魅力以及深层内涵。


短片拍摄于上海半岛酒店,发型师:Bill Watson,化妆师:Daniel Zhang,造型师:Candy Lee。




“Vogue: Beyond Beauty” featuring Anja Rubik

Vogue – 10 Year China Anniversary “Beyond Beauty” Cover Story, by Chen Man

Seasonal Collection

Comme Moi



For Chinese supermodel Luyan’s fashion label Comme Moi, we created a video lookbook / fashion film showcasing the brand’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection. The video was shot on location in Los Angeles.

我们为中国超模吕燕所创立的设计师品牌Comme Moi“似我”拍摄了一条lookbook /  时尚短片来展示该品牌2015春夏系列产品。该片拍摄于美国洛杉矶。

Seasonal Collection

Helen Lee



We created a fun, psychedelic video cookbook / fashion film for Shanghai-based fashion label HELEN LEE’S. The video showcases the brand’s 2014 fall / winter collection.

我们为上海本土设计师服装品牌HELEN LEE创作了一条有趣的迷幻风格lookbook / 时尚短片,影片展示了该品牌2014年的秋冬系列。