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10 Year China Anniversary





“Vogue: Beyond Beauty” featuring Sasha Pivovarova

To help celebrate Vogue’s 10th anniversary in China, we collaborated with super models Anja Rubik and Sasha Pivovarova to create two short films that accompanied renowned fashion photographer Chen Man’s cover story for Vogue’s February 2016 issue. The issue, titled “Beyond Beauty (美, 不至于貌)”, is dedicated to showcasing strong, independent women who live and love fashion, but who also have meaningful side projects beyond glamour.

The films tell the story of Anja and Sasha’s effortless beauty in front of the camera, but also of their other talents off the runway: Sasha, being an experienced visual artist with her paintings and illustrations, and Anja, being a budding literary star with her writing and publishing work.

The films were shot in Shanghai at The Peninsula Hotel, with hair by Bill Watson, makeup by Daniel Zhang, and styling by Candy Lee.

为庆祝Vogue中文版上市10周年,我们在知名时尚摄影师陈漫为Vogue 2016年二月刊拍摄超模Anja Rubik和Sasha Pivovarova的封面故事时与2位超模合作完成了两支视频短片。这一期取名“美, 不至于貌”,是为了展现喜爱并活在时尚中的女性,坚强独立的迷人魅力以及深层内涵。


短片拍摄于上海半岛酒店,发型师:Bill Watson,化妆师:Daniel Zhang,造型师:Candy Lee。




“Vogue: Beyond Beauty” featuring Anja Rubik

Vogue – 10 Year China Anniversary “Beyond Beauty” Cover Story, by Chen Man

Seasonal Collection

Comme Moi



For Chinese supermodel Luyan’s fashion label Comme Moi, we created a video lookbook / fashion film showcasing the brand’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection. The video was shot on location in Los Angeles.

我们为中国超模吕燕所创立的设计师品牌Comme Moi“似我”拍摄了一条lookbook /  时尚短片来展示该品牌2015春夏系列产品。该片拍摄于美国洛杉矶。

Seasonal Collection

Helen Lee



We created a fun, psychedelic video cookbook / fashion film for Shanghai-based fashion label HELEN LEE’S. The video showcases the brand’s 2014 fall / winter collection.

我们为上海本土设计师服装品牌HELEN LEE创作了一条有趣的迷幻风格lookbook / 时尚短片,影片展示了该品牌2014年的秋冬系列。

Poolside Beauty




We created a national television and print campaign in Greater China for Coca Cola’s new Schweppes +C brand. The television commercial tells the story of a hunk at the pool who thinks it’s his lucky day with a poolside beauty. However, in the end, the hunk learns he’s not what she is really after. The film was directed by Vaughan Arnell and produced by Stink (Shanghai).

The key visuals were shot by Adam Pretty / produced by Central Studios, and leveraged throughout Greater China in print, digital, POS, and OOH media.

我们为可口可乐旗下的怡泉+C品牌在大中华地区创作了电视广告及平面广告。在电视广告中我们讲述的是一个肌肉男在夏日泳池边的美好邂逅故事。但在故事的最终,他才发现自己并不是她的菜。该广告由Vaughan Arnell导演执导,Stink (上海) 制作。

平面广告被用于大中华地区的平媒、网络、经销商网点及户外,它由Adam Pretty拍摄,奂镜Studio制作。

City of Magic

Beats By Dre



To help celebrate Beats By Dre’s official entry into the China market, we created a short film titled “魔都 / City of Magic.” The film showcases renowned Shanghai-based illustrator and designer Veiray Zhang, and the unique relationship between the city and his creative process.

Together with the film, we worked with Veiray to create custom, limited-edition artwork and tee-shirts that were given away at the brand’s launch events in Shanghai.

为帮助Beats By Dre正式打入中国市场,我们为其创作了一条名为“魔都 / City of Magic” 的短片。短片表现的是上海知名插画师兼设计师的Veiray Zhang如何将对城市的独特情感融入其作品中的过程。


China “All Originals” Campaign

adidas Originals

We created a campaign for adidas Originals showcasing local Chinese creative talents that exemplify key pillars of the brand’s heritage and DNA: originality, creativity, and self-expression.

The campaign was executed via a video and photography series that captured the stories of Gi Ming’s fixed-gear bike crew, Kang Mao’s punk-rock band SUBS (杀不死), tattooist Zhuo Danting, experimental sound artist Li Jianhong, creative extraordinaire Edison Chen, and singer / songwriter / actor Eason Chan. The videos were placed online, in retail, and in taxi cabs, with photography assets used across all print media and retail in Greater China.

We worked with Shanghai-based photographer Ka Xiaoxi to produce the photographs for this shoot, which were shot on analog film in order to achieve a raw, gritty, and authentic feel.

我们为阿迪达斯三叶草 (adidas Originals) 创作了展示本土创意人才的系列广告以体现其原创、创意、自我的品牌精髓。

整个广告系列通过视频短片和摄影的方式分别捕捉到季明与他的死飞团队、抗猫与她的乐队SUBS (杀不死)、纹身师卓丹婷、实验声音艺术家李剑鸿、创意非凡的陈冠希以及身兼歌手 / 词曲人 / 演员身份的陈奕迅的不同故事。视频短片被用于大中华地区的线上、店铺及出租车内的宣传,平面硬照则被用于全媒体及店铺。




Gi Ming & Beijing Fixies / 纵 无羁




Beijing Fixies, China’s original fixed-gear bike crew, chiefly consists of Gi Ming (季明), Wang Peng (王鹏), Tang Chenshu (汤晨澍), Liang Xing (梁星), and Xiu Zilue (修梓略).

In the video, Beijing Fixies members tell us about fixed-gear culture in China, the feelings they have when riding through the streets of their beloved Beijing, the friendships they’ve formed around their bikes, and remind us to be free and do what makes us happy.





Zhuo Danting  / 卓 无阻




Zhuo Danting is arguably China’s most original and well-known tattoo artist, not to mention a lovely painter and illustrator.

In the video, Zhuo Danting tell us about the stories behind her and her patrons’ tattoos, misconceptions in China (and around the world) about body art, and some of the crazy things she does but thinks are perfectly normal.


短片中,卓丹婷为我们讲述了​她与客人纹身背后的故事、她做过的自认为很正常却被别人称为疯狂的事,以及中国 (及全球) 对纹身艺术的成见。



Edison Chen / 肆 无争




Edison Chen is a Hong Kong-based film actor, hip-hop artist, record producer, fashion designer, and all-around pop icon / creative extraordinaire.

In the video, Edison talks about himself as a creator and gives us a heads up about what to expect from his new album. Edison plans to use the album as an opportunity to get a few things off his chest and speak to the people that matter most, his fans.





Kang Mao & SUBS / 噪 无疆




Kang Mao is the lead singer of the punk rock band SUBS (杀不死), one of the original and now longest-standing bands in China’s music scene.

In the video, Kang Mao talks about SUBS’s music and herself coming from Mars; and reminds us all to to stay true to ourselves, be natural, and no matter what, always strive to express ourselves.

​抗猫是朋克乐队​SUBS (杀不死)​ 的主唱,​他们是迄今依旧活跃在中国音乐圈中资历最深的原创乐队之一。




Li Jianhong / 探 无界




Li Jianhong is the godfather of experimental music and sound design in China.

In the video, Jianhong explains his approach to creating music whether it be recording the ambient sounds of a forest or creating distorted feedback on his guitar. Because of his eclectic style, he prefers not to label his music, but rather just find inspiration in everyday life around all of us.





Eason Chan

Eason Chan is a Hong Kong-based actor, singer, songwriter, and all-around pop icon – sometimes called the “King of Asian Pop.”

Eason reminds us to stay true to ourselves at all costs and break from the “follow” culture of today’s social media. Be one who is followed, not who follows.