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Caged Floral Clouds 花之云笼


We created a floral art installation for Hakkasan Shanghai titled “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation helped introduce summer special seasonal menu at the restaurant featuring flower ingredients. The installation decorated walkways, lounge, and ding areas throughout the space, and was on display throughout the summer months.

Inspired by the dreamy beauty of “cloud seas,” we conceptualized, designed, and hand-crafted “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation is made up of hundreds of colorfully marbled petals, which were designed to resemble peony, jasmine, and orchid flowers. These petals were cut into an assortment of shapes and suspended from the ceiling as a means of calling to mind the free-flowing form of clouds.

The installation complemented the elegance of “The Cage “—Hakkasan’s signature wooden, hand-carved interior window frames. This reimagining of flowers as clouds is designed to reflect the creative spirit of Hakkasan’s menu offering. The soft, pastel colors of the installation contrast the bold red-and-black restaurant interior, creating a layered and visually-engaging experience for guests.



此装置与“笼子”优雅地相辅相成 – Hakkasan标志性的传统木雕窗柩屏风。将花朵进行艺术分解再重现的方式,正如同Hakkasan的菜品一样耐人寻味。此装置为本为红黑色调的餐厅平添一分脱俗的柔美,使得在Hakkasan用餐的客人有了从看到吃的完整感官享受。


“Rethink” Installation




In the early stages of LEE’s Rethink denim jean production process, recycled coffee grounds are used as fiber to reduce environmental impact. LEE engaged us to create a retail installation to visualize its sustainable approach and challenge consumers to Rethink the denim making process. For the installation, we created a sculpture using raw materials from LEE Rethink’s process. The sculpture is made up of over 5,000 balls of all-natural raw cotton, 200 spools of cotton thread, 50 bags of coffee beans and recycled coffee grounds, and 20 articles of LEE Rethink denim products.


在LEE的Rethink (想未来) 丹宁系列的制作初期用回收咖啡渣来生产面料的创新低碳可持续观念来减少对环境的污染。LEE希望通过这样的方式向都市年轻人诠释Rethink (想未来) 主张,喊出可持续宣言。在这个装置中,我们重现了LEE的Rethink (想未来)的整个演变过程,雕塑通过5000个纯天然棉球,200卷棉线,50包回收的咖啡豆和咖啡渣及20条Rethink (想未来) 系列的丹宁产品。


The sculpture’s unibody, “mobius strip”-like form beautifully reveals the interconnected nature of the materials in each step of LEE Rethink’s eco-friendly, sustainable denim-making process. The sculpture hangs in LEE’s Shanghai flagship store on Nanjing West Rd. If you are passing by, be sure to check it out.


Paper Sculptures


We created a series of mini paper sculptures / installations for Sugus using the candy’s wrappers and other paper materials.

The sculpture pieces were used to support brand storytelling during an online promotional campaign in China featuring Hong Kong musician / actor Eason Chan.

For this project, we worked together with Shanghai-based artists Nini Sum and Gregor Koerting.



我们和定居于上海的艺术家Nini Sum和Gregor Koerting合作完成此项目。

Beach Scene


Jack-O-Lantern & Kitty

Shooting Stars & Wind Chime

Bouquet & 3D Glasses

Eason Chen Postcard & KTV King

Cupcake & Apple

Ring & Nails

Breakfast Set

iPhone & “Red Envelope”