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Take It To The Streets

adidas Originals



We developed an out-of-home (OOH) campaign to support adidas Originals’ ZX Family “Take It To The Streets” campaign. The campaign leveraged guerrilla-style executions of wheatpaste street art posters throughout Beijing and Shanghai.

The posters were 1-to-1 full body-sized photography portraits of street-fashion models styled in adidas Originals’ looks wearing different ZX footwear. The posters were given a raw, selective desaturated treatment in which the models were made a muted black-and-white, while the ZX footwear were made bright and bold. The model poses in the posters were pre-designed to fit a variety of unexpected and interactive urban environments. The concept integrates different ZX footwear with street fashion and culture in an authentic, creative way.

We created a short documentary to capture the whole effort, from model photography and styling in our studio, to the graphic design and poster production, through to our street art teams in Beijing and Shanghai executing the artwork in the cover of night.

我们为配合adidas Originals ZX Family系列的“Take it to the Streets”宣传活动展开了一场游击式街头艺术活动,该活动在北京和上海两座城市以wheatpaste的街头海报形式呈现。



Ignite Infinite Creativity


We helped launch Huawei’s P8 smartphone by creating a key visual that tells the story of the product’s creative possibilities. The 18-part key visual was release frame by frame on the brand’s official Instagram account. We created the key visual using the phone’s light-writing and long exposure functionality. The key visual was also used to kick-off an online contest for consumer generated light-writing artwork created with the phone.


Gallardo Customization


We collaborated with Beijing-based graphic designer and painter Liu Zheng (aka: 96K) to create the a fully customized 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo. The project was for a good cause as the car was auctioned by Lamborghini at a special charity event in Beijing.

我们与北京设计师 / 画家Liu Zheng(亦称: 96K)合作为2012兰博基尼的盖拉多车型设计并制作了特别定制款。这个项目也为兰博基尼参与的北京慈善拍卖会增添了亮点。

The inspiration and concept behind the design is based on 1) extending the muscle lines of the car frame, 2) conveying strength and speed, and 3) revealing a mysterious “energy of change” and a sense of wild nature and conquest.

设计灵感及背后的故事基于 1)延长车体线条骨架,2)传达速度与力量,3)透露出“能源变化”和自然原生的神秘以及一种征服感。





Art Sessions




For Volvo’s Art Session project, we curated and art directed seven of China’s most prolific creative talents to re-imagine the new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid. The setting for the project was a massive stage in the middle of Zurich’s Hauptbahnhof train station (Europe’s largest open air structure), with countless thousands of curious passer-by’s enjoying the performances and sometimes getting involved in the creative process.

Each artist was given nine hours to complete a treatment of the car, with the next artist painting directly overtop the previous treatment, thus creating a continuous flow of art and creativity across the 4-day event. Check out the time-lapse video above to understand how the cars evolved one after another.

For this project, we collaborated with artists representing a variety of styles, geographies, and interpretations of the topic: What is sustainable mobility of tomorrow? Participating artists, in order of performance, included Shadow Chen, Wang Meng, Sally Zou, Honghua, Hua Tunan, LEFT, and Shan Jiang x Ollie Munden.

在沃尔沃艺术展 (Volvo’s Art Session) 项目中,我们策划并引领了七位中国最具才华的艺术家以现场艺术形式呈现沃尔沃V60插电式混合动力车型。该项目将场地设置在苏黎世中央火车站的中心位置(欧洲最大的 开放式结构),无数路人经过此地尽享艺术表演过程甚至参与到艺术表演中。


为了这个项目,我们联合了来自中国风格迥异、地区不同的艺术家,来展示同一主题:什么才是未来的可持续性?参与此表演项目的艺术家,包括:Shadow Chen, 王猛, Sally Zou, 红花, 画图男, LEFT, 江杉 x Ollie Munden。



Shadow Chen



Wang Meng



Sally Zou



Hua Tunan






Hong Hua



Shan Jiang & Ollie Munden

ZX750 Guerrilla Street Art Project

adidas Originals



To celebrate adidas Originals bringing back its iconic late-1980s ZX750 runners to China in a limited edition ‘bluebird dark slate’ colorway, we executed an epic guerrilla street-art campaign. The campaign engaged street artist crews in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu to bomb their hometowns with interpretations of the shoes in varied art styles.

Before hitting the streets, we pre-designed a stop-motion animation with hundreds of frames. Each frame of the animation featured the shoes in different positions. The frames were assigned to different artists around the country who had the freedom to recreate them in their own art stye. When the artists executed their artwork on the city walls, our photography team captured hi-res photos of each artwork. These photos were reassembled as the frames in this stop-motion video.

The animation tells the story of the ZX750s going on a nationwide journey while coming alive on city walls across China. The shoes’ urban adventure has them walking, jogging, jumping, spinning, dancing, etc., while the street-art styles and techniques morph from wheatpaste, to stencil, spray paint, marker, and stickers. The animation also links up a few select storefront treatments we incorporated into the campaign.

我们为adidas Originals复刻其八十年代末的ZX750经典鞋款进行了大规模的游击式街头艺术活动,此次旨在宣传ZX750暗灰蓝配色款在中国市场的推广。该活动集结了北京、上海、广州和成都的街头艺术家分别在各自城市中以多样化的街头艺术形式展现这双经典鞋款。