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Unite All Originals

adidas Originals




adidas Originals’ global ‘Unite All Originals’ campaign was about showing how originality is the result of ‘collisions’ between cultures, communities, and passions. The campaign featured collaborations between visual artists, designers, and musicians from all over the world to create something unique and exceptional.

For the China campaign, we curated and art directed the participating visual artists. We also created the campaign’s promotional content and storytelling assets. The campaign featured 8 artists groups from across the country culminating in a summer full of live-art performances and raucous parties in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xian, and Shenyang.

adidas Originals的全球“集结原创”活动向我们呈现独创性如何成为文化、大众和激情碰撞的产物。活动集结了来自世界各地的视觉艺术家、设计师和音乐人创作出独特而创意十足的作品。






For the campaign’s first stop in Hangzhou, Shanghai-based musician Cha Cha “collided” with Beijing-based animator Bu Hua to deliver a mesmerizing audio / visual experience.

Above is the artist profile and collision teaser. Below is the art performance and “collision” event documentary.

在活动第一站的杭州,上海音乐人Cha Cha与北京动画人卜桦的艺术碰撞为大家呈现了一场迷人的听觉/视觉盛宴。









For the campaign’s second stop in Guangzhou, Foshan-based street artist / painter Hua Tunan “collided” with Shanghai-based animator / projection artist VJ Wang Meng to deliver an unforgettable visual experience combining 3D mapping, water-based projection painting, graffiti, and banging beats.

Above is the artist profile and collision teaser. Below is the art performance and “collision” event documentary.







We also created this full-length profile of Hua Tunan in which he tells us about his creation process and inspiration while painting a huge mural for the campaign. The mural is centerpieced with the copy: 集结原创, Chinese for “UNITE ALL ORIGINALS.”









For the campaign’s third stop in Shenyang, Beijing-based rapper / hip-hop artist Jazzilipper “collided” with Hangzhou-based new media collective UFO Media Lab to deliver an experimental visual experience combining 3D projection mapping and live rapping.

Above is the artist profile and collision teaser. Below is the art performance and “collision” event documentary.

在活动第三站的沈阳,北京说唱hip-hop歌手Jazzilipper和杭州新媒体艺术团队UFO Media Lab的碰撞创作出结合3D映射和现场说唱的实验感视觉体验。









For the campaign’s fourth (and final) stop – an intimate event in Xi’an – Wuhan-based indie rock band AV Okubo ‘collided’ with Shanghai-based digital artist Aaajiao to deliver an unforgettable visual experience combining projection art, live VJ’ing, screaming vocals, and banging drums.

Above is the artist profile and collision teaser. Below is the art performance and “collision” event documentary.






REMIX Project


In 1969, a small store opened in San Francisco selling jeans and records to a new generation. Since then, Gap has grown to be a favorite around the world, establishing its place in pop culture with casual, cool clothing and iconic creative work.

Gap has always stood for self-expression and embracing one’s individual style. Today, Gap continues to support the shared spirit of creativity and encouraging the genuine exchange of ideas. By bringing artists from all corners of the world together in the REMIX Project, Gap celebrates them for their passions and continues its heritage in creativity.

The REMIX Project brings together 12 leading-edge American, British, French, Chinese, and Japanese artists to create an exclusive collection of limited edition graphic tees. Artwork in the collection remixes the classic Gap logo T-shirt into bold art treatments that showcase the distinctive style of each artist and celebrate the creative heritage of Gap.


Gap一直主张自我表达和接受主义的个人风格。如今,Gap继续坚持和鼓励着共享创意的交流精神。此次通过REMIX Project将世界各地的艺术家集合在一起,Gap要为他们的激情和源源不断的创造力喝彩。

REMIX Project让12位分别来自美国、英国、法国、中国和日本的先锋艺术家一起完成了这一限量版图案T恤系列。他们分别以经典的Gap logo为创意出发点并将风格鲜明的个人艺术特色融合在各自的设计中。

REMIX Project Collection

REMIX Project Book



REMIX Project Tote

Fantasista Utamaro - Japan

Fantasista Utamaro is a leading manga and multi-medium artist. Known for ultra pop and technicolor sensibilities, his instantly recognizable work spans the fields of illustration, animation, graphic / textile / fashion design, and even outdoor landscaping.

His design for the REMIX Project hides the brand logotype within traditional Japanese “Karakusa” patterns, pop art coloring, and manga-styled characters. The piece represents hope for the development of cultures around the world.

Fantasista Utamaro是一个知名漫画家及多媒体艺术家。他以波普元素及明锐的色彩著称,他的插画、动画、图形、纹样、时尚设计甚至户外景观设计极易被辨别出来。

他为此次REMIX Project设计的作品中融合了日本传统的“Karakusa” 纹理、波普艺术色彩和漫画风格形象。这个作品代表着将文化发展蔓延至全球的寄望。



Chocomoo – Japan

Chocomoo is a street fashion illustrator and artist. Influenced by rock music, hip-hop, and traditional Japanese calligraphy, her work is always done in a signature black and white line-art style.

Her design for the REMIX Project reimagines the brand logotype among iconic Americana imagery and the things that make me smile: music, fashion, partying, and the sharing of positive vibes with one another.


她为此次REMIX Project设计的作品将一些让我看后会心一笑的美国标志性的形象与事物融合在品牌标识中,比如:音乐、时尚、派对以及彼此分享的情境。



Lin Zhipeng (aka: No. 223) – China

Lin Zhipeng (aka: No. 223) is a photographer known for his ability to show the volatile, primal energy of China’s younger generation. His work explores topics of love, sexuality, gender, free expression, and consumption within the context of modern China.

His design for the REMIX Project presents the brand’s logotype amidst some of my favorite recent images to form a snapshot collage of daily life in contemporary China.


他为REMIX Project创作的作品,将其近期所拍摄的反应当代中国日常生活的照片作品以拼贴的形式重塑了经典的品牌标识。



Candy Bird – Taiwan

Candy Bird is a renowned street artist and illustrator who creates unique and playful visuals addressing social injustices and environmental concerns around the world.

His design for the REMIX Project incorporates the brand’s logotype into a satirical composition that serves as a reminder for us to curb our obsessions with media and celebrity culture.

Candy Bird是一位知名的街头艺术家和插画师,他独具特色且趣味十足的作品旨在揭露社会不公现象以及全球环境问题。

他为REMIX Project创作的作品,将经典的品牌标识巧妙地融合到他的画作中,旨在提醒我们应该抑制自身从媒体和明星文化中所受的影响。



Prodip Leung – Hong Kong

Prodip Leung is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and the bassist for the legendary Cantonese hip-hop group, LMF. Combining music with experimental art, his work draws from the legacies of street art, cartoons, and pop culture.

His design for the REMIX Project presents the brand logotype amidst a spin-off of my “Monster Pit” print series, with its retro-fashioned, “slamdancing” creatures of the night.

Prodip Leung(梁伟庭)是一位香港画家、插画师、平面设计师以及颇具传奇色彩的粤语嘻哈乐队LMF的贝斯手。他的作品提取了街头艺术、卡通及流行文化的精髓,常常结合了音乐和实验艺术。

他为REMIX Project创作的作品,是其带有复古时尚,且充满“slamdancing”夜生物的平面创作 —— 我的 “Monster Pit” 系列的一种延续。



Maud Vantours – France

Maud Vantours is a designer and artist who works with layered, cut, and folded paper to create colorful 3D sculptures of hypnotizing patterns and textures.

Her design for the REMIX Project is inspired by nature and dreamscapes. She reimagined the brand logotype within a multicolored and multilayered paper sculpture design that mimics the patterns of waves, mountains, and wind-blown clouds.

Maud Vantours是一个设计师及艺术家,她的3D雕塑作品以层叠、裁剪和折纸方式呈现出一种色彩鲜亮且有着重复模式和肌理感。

她的REMIX Project作品灵感来源于自然与梦境,她将品牌标识隐匿于色彩缤纷和层叠的波纹、山脉及被清风拂云朵的纸塑中。



Loïc Lavenu (aka: Xoil) – France

Loïc Lavenu is a world-renowned designer and tattoo artist acclaimed for pioneering an abstract graphic style of tattooing. His work pushes tattoo aesthetics into new realms inspired by digital illustration, photography, and collage.

His design for the REMIX Project positions the brand logotype within a collaged and transitional reflection of the things that inspire him: geometry, colors, lines, movement, and life’s circadian rhythms.

Loïc Lavenu作为世界知名设计师和纹身艺术家,一直以来的志向就是不断摸索创新一种抽象的纹身风格。他将纹身美学推进到一种新的高度,而他的灵感来源于各式各样的图形图像设计、摄影以及拼贴画。

他为REMIX project创作的作品是将品牌标志融入在了一个类似拼贴画的意境之中,这个设计中会看到他受几何、颜色、线条、动感以及生命巡回等种种理解的启发。



Quentin Jones – UK

Quentin Jones is an artist, filmmaker and photographer. Her aesthetic is a modern take on the surrealist tradition, realized largely through photomontage and loose paintwork.

Her design for the REMIX Project is inspired by fashion iconography, and combines the brand’s logotype with simple but impactful collage and brush-work elements to create an ambiguous form composed of eyes, legs and letters.

Quentin Jones是一名艺术家、导演和摄影师。她的超现代主义独特审美跨越传统,并通过蒙太奇的方式和张弛有度的颜料绘画来展现。

她这次为REMIX project创作的作品,灵感来源于将时尚的肖像与品牌标识相结合,并运用简单却颇具效果的拼贴画及画笔将眼睛、腿和字母这些看似无关的元素联结在一起。



Neville Brody – UK

Neville Brody is a pioneer in the fields of graphic design, art direction, and digital typography. With a career spanning four decades, he is widely acclaimed for his iconic typeface designs.

His design for the REMIX Project reinterprets the Gap letterforms using fluid lines and spaces that create an infinite gridded loop where cultural life pools take place and grow.

Neville Brody是一名先锋平面设计师、创意总监、数字字体设计师。四十年的职业生涯中,他传奇性的字体设计作品被大家广为赞誉。

他的REMIX Project设计采用流畅的线条和空间,将GAP字样创作为无限循环的圈体。这个作品展示出了永不终止的文化生活不断发生和发展的意义。




POSE uses bright colors and tight graphic stylings to create images that jump off walls. Inspired largely by the tradition of pop art, his work integrates illustration, lettering, screen print aesthetics, humor, and even violence.

His design for the REMIX Project reimagines the brand logotype within a contemporary portrait. The composition conveys modern expression and human experience as they are: constantly in flux, complex, and affected by environment and everyday experience.


他为REMIX Project创作的作品巧妙地将品牌标识交融到当代肖像之中。该作品传达了现代人对不断变化的、复杂的、受环境影响和日常生活的情感和体会。



Jessica Hische – USA

Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator, and crazy cat lady known for her silly side projects and occasional foul mouth.

Her design for the REMIX Project uses vintage-inspired typography made modern though context and color. Mixing historical letterforms with modern graphic geometric decoration, she reinterpret the Gap logotype in a sophisticated and unexpected blue, teal, and yellow color palette.

Jessica Hische是一名字体设计师、插画师以及疯狂的爱猫人,她以一些奇怪的小项目和偶尔的粗口著称。

我为REMIX Project创做的作品采用复古风格排版,重新传达了现代信息。组合复古字母形式与现代图形的几何装饰,我在一个丰富的和意想不到的蓝、蓝绿、黄的色板中重新诠释了GAP标识。



Kyle Pierce – USA

Kyle Pierce is an illustrator and photographer who enjoys building layered narratives from photographs, illustrations, and bits of simple hand-drawn type.

His design for the REMIX Project is inspired by San Francisco, the city I live in and where Gap was founded in 1969. His design presents the Golden Gate Bridge within a contour of the city borders, while letterforms and the brand logotype recreate the fog that so frequently graces “The Gate.”


Kyle Pierce是一个喜欢将照片、平面设计和简单的手绘相互叠加的插画家和摄影师。

他的REMIX Project作品灵感来源于他所居住的城市,同是GAP品牌于1969年所成立的发源地旧金山。他的设计将金门大桥的影像结合在旧金山版图剪影形状之上,同时以该城市常见的迷雾以字母和品牌标识体现,笼罩在“金门”之上。



Store Art Program

adidas Originals

adidas Originals engaged us to execute an art program in some of the brand’s key China market stores. The aim of the program was to introduce local art culture into adidas Original’s retail spaces and reflect the brand’s core values.


For the project, we collaborated with a variety of local artists, including: Veiray, Wang Meng, Nini Sum, Wang Sijia, Huang Yulong, Ding Hao, Dun Xiaoxian, Xiaomi Keke, Coozie, and Shadow Chen to create brand-inspired installations and turned the stores into platforms for self expression, originality, authenticity, creativity, and individuality.

在这个项目中,我们与各店铺所在地的艺术家合作,这其中包括:Veiray、王萌、Nini Sum、王思佳、黄玉龙、丁浩、墩小贤、小米可可、Coozie以及Shadow Chen,他们以品牌精神为灵感所创作出来的装置作品通过店铺这个平台进行展示,以传达一种自我表达、原创、实质、创意以及个性的理念。


Various elements come together to create a unique blue and white 3D collage and a new take on the adidas Originals logo. The piece aims to inspire others to discover their own creative potential.


Nini Sum

What looks like a random collage is actually composed of countless pieces of screen-printed materials stripped apart and meticulously pieced together to create the overall pattern and the adidas trefoil logos. Each piece of material comes from a unique screen-printing art work of Nini Sum’s. The design expresses originality, creativity, and the spirit of perseverance.

看似随意的拼贴实际上是由无数丝网印刷素材组成,这些素材被分割后再精细地重新组合成为一幅具有整体感的图案以及阿迪达斯三叶草logo,每一块材质都来自一幅Nini Sum的丝网印刷作品。该设计传达着原创、创意以及一种毅力。

Wang Meng

Movement, fashion, and culture are three pillars of the adidas Originals brand and capture the ideas expressed in this piece. The inspiration for this design comes from Adolf Adi Dassler’s classic three stripes, which travel above the mountains and clouds to create a world full of color and vibration.

动感、时尚和文化是阿迪达斯三叶草品牌的三大支柱,而这些都被融入这个作品中。该作品让Adolf Adi Dassler的经典三条纹穿行与山海和云雾之中,展现出一个色彩缤纷的精彩世界。

Nini Sum

The inspiration for this piece came from the adidas Superstar shoe. The reflection of the mirror is used to create the symmetry of the adidas Originals trefoil logo and express a sense of liveliness and youth.

这个作品的灵感来自于adidas Superstar的鞋型。利用镜面的反射原理创作出对称的阿迪达斯三叶草的图标,表达了一种活力及年轻的感觉。


Different elements of street culture come together – criss-crossing and interweaving – to pay tribute to the adidas Originals trefoil logo and pass on the spirit of freedom.

将不同的街头文化元素层叠地穿插交错并聚集在一起 ,以表达对阿迪达斯三叶草logo的一种传承。

Shadow Chen

An imaginary island landscape where adidas Originals footwear and trefoil logo melt in and out of existence as colorful liquid forms, featuring patterns and textures unique to the brand’s footwear soles.



A colorful visual interpretation of windblown clouds that features the adidas Originals trefoil logo among other ‘set-of-3′ line forms and geometric shapes. The composition conveys a positive, uplifting energy.


Huang Yulong

Huang Yulong creates classic hip hop sculpture to pay homage to the adidas Originals brand and its spirit of creative expression.

黄玉龙创作的经典的嘻哈雕塑以致敬adidas Originals品牌及其原创精神。

Flagship Store Art Program


We created an interior art treatment for Starbucks’ flagship store in Shanghai. The store is located on Huahai Rd., and as such, we developed a creative theme that celebrated the rich history and culture of the renowned street: “The Huahai Life.” For the project, we curated and collaborated with seven local Shanghai-based artists to interpret the theme in their own unique ways across multiple-panel canvas installations throughout the store. See the artwork and the stories behind each installation below.


Sally Zou

Creative Inspiration: Sipping a cup of coffee, eyes crawling along the lines of a novel, a young girl suddenly finds herself traveling through the history of Huaihai Road, to the library of Jiaotong University’s Nautical School from a time past.



Creative Inspiration: Sunny afternoon street scene unfold to reveal bustling pedestrians, classical architecture, and lush greenery on Huaihai Road. The mood is smooth and comfortable like a summer jazz melody.


Nini Sum

Creative Inspiration: Sometimes when we walk down Huaihai Road, our footsteps become faster and faster. We’re always in such a hurry. But there’s much to learn from those who are just strolling and taking in the moment, never in a rush.


Wang Meng

Creative Inspiration: Huaihai Road is a blend of China and the rest of the world, with cosmopolitan storefronts and timeworn alleyways. A single wall separates the hustle and bustle of the street from the historical Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Shadow Chen

Creative Inspiration: Street signs create the rules of city life. They tell people to stop, to cross, to slow down, to intersect. Underneath these signs on Huaihai Road are the spaces in which people flow, where they change, create, and experience new feelings and connections.



Creative Inspiration: You can spot people of all different shapes and sizes on Huaihai Road. Men and women, young and old, people from all corners of the globe. This is where they come to meet. You might call it destiny, or maybe it’s just the charm of the area.


Xu Jing

Creative Inspiration: On a certain stretch of Huaihai Road lies an enchanted place called Xintiandi, where moment by moment strangers take a chance to become acquaintances, friends, or perhaps even lovers.


Art Sessions




For Volvo’s Art Session project, we curated and art directed seven of China’s most prolific creative talents to re-imagine the new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid. The setting for the project was a massive stage in the middle of Zurich’s Hauptbahnhof train station (Europe’s largest open air structure), with countless thousands of curious passer-by’s enjoying the performances and sometimes getting involved in the creative process.

Each artist was given nine hours to complete a treatment of the car, with the next artist painting directly overtop the previous treatment, thus creating a continuous flow of art and creativity across the 4-day event. Check out the time-lapse video above to understand how the cars evolved one after another.

For this project, we collaborated with artists representing a variety of styles, geographies, and interpretations of the topic: What is sustainable mobility of tomorrow? Participating artists, in order of performance, included Shadow Chen, Wang Meng, Sally Zou, Honghua, Hua Tunan, LEFT, and Shan Jiang x Ollie Munden.

在沃尔沃艺术展 (Volvo’s Art Session) 项目中,我们策划并引领了七位中国最具才华的艺术家以现场艺术形式呈现沃尔沃V60插电式混合动力车型。该项目将场地设置在苏黎世中央火车站的中心位置(欧洲最大的 开放式结构),无数路人经过此地尽享艺术表演过程甚至参与到艺术表演中。


为了这个项目,我们联合了来自中国风格迥异、地区不同的艺术家,来展示同一主题:什么才是未来的可持续性?参与此表演项目的艺术家,包括:Shadow Chen, 王猛, Sally Zou, 红花, 画图男, LEFT, 江杉 x Ollie Munden。



Shadow Chen



Wang Meng



Sally Zou



Hua Tunan






Hong Hua



Shan Jiang & Ollie Munden