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Lu Han’s “Forever Faster”




We created a spot with Chinese pop-star Lu Han for Puma’s training collection. The spot is part of the global “What Are You Training For?” campaign. The video captures Lu Han’s “Forever Faster” story as he hustles through his training routine, getting fit for the intense stage demands of an A-list entertainer and performer. The work was shot in Beijing and used in-stores, on-line, and in OOH executions.

我们与中国流行界艺人鹿晗合作为Puma的训练系列创作了一条短片作品。该片作为其品牌全球活动“What Are You Training For?”的一部分,短片中通过鹿晗紧密的日常训练镜头讲述了其自身作为一流的艺人和演员对自我要求“Forever Faster”的故事。该片在北京拍摄并被广泛运用于品牌门店、网络以及户外。

Eason Chan’s City Adventure

adidas Originals



We created a short film and print campaign with Eason Chan to help support the promotion of adidas Originals Fall / Winter “City Pack” apparel and footwear drops.

In the film, Eason tells a story of his “City Adventure,” reminding us that, while getting swept up in the pace and energy of urban life, we need to remember to explore our surroundings and push the boundaries of adventure and risk taking within ourselves. Behind every corner are the experiences, the possibilities, and the excitement that we all crave. The city is an adventure. Step out fresh. Be bold and fearless. Make your mark.

我们与陈奕迅合作为配合adidas Originals Fall / Winter “City Pack”产品系列的上市创作了一条短片及硬广系列。


ZX Flux

adidas Originals



We supported the launch of adidas Originals’ ZX Flux sneaker in China by creating two spots with celebrity brand ambassadors Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍, singer / actress) and J.J. Lin (林俊杰, singer / songwriter). The sorts tell the story of JJ and Charlens’s favorite ZX Flux colorways and design patterns. These pieces were shot in Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively.

为帮助adidas Originals的ZX Flux鞋款在中国地区上市造势,我们与其品牌代言人蔡卓妍(歌手/演员)、林俊杰(歌手/创作人)合作,分别创作了一支短片。短片中呈现了林俊杰与蔡卓妍最爱的ZX Flux鞋款配色和鞋面纹样。这两支短片分别拍摄于香港和台湾。



Seasonal Campaign

adidas Originals

We created the Fall / Winter 2014 seasonal campaign for adidas Originals in Greater China. Working with celebrities and brand ambassadors Eason Chan, Fan Bingbing, Charlene Choi, Gianna Jun, and JJ Lin in raw authentic urban environments, the campaign key visuals and videos communicated the true street fashion spirit of the brand.

The campaign was shot in Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Seoul, with assets used nationwide in retail / point-of-sale, digital, and print media. For the project, we collaborated with New York-based photographer Carmen Chan, Beijing-based photographer Chen Man, and Seoul-based photographer Hong JangHyun.

我们为adidas Originals中国大陆地区2014年秋冬系列创作了季度广告。这次的主视觉和短片真实展现出其品牌代言人陈奕迅、范冰冰、蔡卓妍、全智贤和林俊杰的形象,在真实的城市场景中还原了品牌的街头时尚精神。

该系列广告于北京、台湾、香港以及首尔拍摄,作品被广泛运用于其全国的品牌零售店铺、网络和平面媒体的广告栏。与此同时,我们与来自于纽约的摄影师Carmen Chan、北京摄影师陈漫以及韩国摄影师Hong JangHyun共同合作完成了这一季的平面主视觉。

Eason Chan / 陈奕迅


Eason Chan’s “City Adventure”


Fan Bingbing / 范冰冰


Fan Bingbing’s “Monochromatic City Daydream”


J.J. Lin / 林俊杰


J.J. Lin / “My ZX Flux”


Charlene Choi / 蔡卓妍


Charlene Choi / “My ZX Flux”


Gianna Jun / 全智贤


Gianna Jun ​- 2014 ​Fall / Winter Collection